• Some mothers don't love their children at all, and its not the 'fault' of the parent or the child. Some have mental issues they didn't choose for themselves that make it impossible for them to feel anything. Some have postpartum depression or alienation from the child and love grows later. Some have difficult children (child molesters, murderers, sociopaths, drug abusers that abuse others) that causes their love to change with the circumstances. And the parent or child could sustain a traumatic brain injury that can affect how they think. So a blanket question like this is not really so simple in real life. But don't think just because a parent goes through the stages from parenting (micromanaging every detail) to managing to consulting to hands off and let the child fly on their own and take their own scrapes that they don't love you very deeply and just as much if not more than the day you were born!
  • i would hope so

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