• Cuz, you're a dude?
  • Your vagina is missing? I hope you find it.
  • I am wondering if this is a true concern! I know a girl that was born without the opening. They actually did surgery to open her. Later, it closed again. As she is now sexually active it no longer is closing! So those that thought this was funny it isn't!
  • because you have cloacal anomaly, i doubt that this is a serious question, because it will have being picked up at birth if you have a defect like this...its a serious condition and affects just 1 in 28 000 girls There are other versions of the condition. but it is no laughing matter...the condition can also cause a cleff lip or palate, clubbed foot, spinal problems, you can be born with out an anus, urethra or vagina and there can be all sorts of anatomical please dont jjoke

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