• are you for real
  • It's stupid and manipulative. Really. Although I find McCain's response interesting: "It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits." It doesn't clearly show anything. It shows Madonna is ignorant, and that's it. EDIT: You know, I don't think this is about politics. Madonna is trying to be "shocking," as usual so she can get some publicity for herself.
  • Why would I give any credence to what Madonna says?
  • That's ridiculous, no..that's beyond ridiculous.
  • I'm not a fan of Madonna and if this is true, well I'm not surprised.
  • It is pretty foolish. Mccain is not as popular as Hitler in his day, not by a long shot, not to mention the age issue. If you want to get technical, it was not Mccain who spoke in Germany . . .
  • That was a truly stupid thing to say. I think McCain is a mediocre out-of-touch politician with psychic scars from his time as a POW, but the Hitler comparison is going over the top. Shame on her...:-{
  • Seriously can these intellectually bankrupt morons come up with better arguments than The Hitler Card? If wish to play The Hitler Card and not look like you used your history book to roll spliffs in high school here's a handy list for what he supported and opposed. Supported: abortion, capital punishment, christianity, cesnorship, eugenics, euthanasia, gun control, racial purity, vegetarianism Opposed: alcohol, atheism, capitalism, communism, democracy, feminism, Freemasons, Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's witnesses, homosexuals, intellectuals, labor unions,miscegenation, nudism, pacifism, pornography, prostitution, psychoanalysis, laws of physics, smoking So there you have it. No need to thank me just pay it forward.
  • Personally, I think Madonna needs to go hide back under her breast cones and keep her mouth shut in the world of politics.
  • About as much as I think of her likening herself to the Virgin Mary.
  • I think nothing of it. I would never ask for her opinion on politics, so her opinion does not matter to me.
  • Some of these celebrities will say the most outlandish things but no one really takes what they have to say serious. How she came to that conclusion is anyone's guess. She's a great entertainer and should just stick to entertaining.
  • Your kidding-And usually she is such a widely followed commentator !
  • This is pretty much how I see Madonna and what she has to say about anything;)
  • pretty bad to compare anyone to Adolf Hitler. She is in for such a big surprise someday if she keeps going the way she's going.
  • Why would anyone listen to Madonna more than they would Britney Spears?
  • It is Madonna. What has she ever done that makes sense?
  • It sounds like another bid for attention.I don't take her opinion seriously-ever.
  • That the same pig that deep throats soda bottles? She should do her job and entertain us (at least the 'bottle bit' was entertainment). Why would anyone listen to her political views, or care if she has any yo?...
  • Did she? Well, that wasn't nice. When I think of the top 100 people whose music I might enjoy from time to time, Madonna might get on the list with one or two songs. If I were assembling a list of my 100 top political advisors, I might not think of her at all. In fact, I did not realize she even formed opinions about such matters. I am sure I am about as shattered in my soul over this as Senator McCain must be --- as in --- a non-event. His best response would be to ignore it and make a joke of it next time he is on Letterman or SNL. To pretend that it matters just makes everyone look as silly as her.
  • I doubt if she even knows what country Hitler was from. She probably thinks he was an evil clothes designer like Mugatu.
  • She needs to stick to music....her views about anything are really of no concern to me....
  • meh...who cares? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Her opinion will make headlines because the media get starved for such crap. Don't blame the Madonna, blame the media, because I bet thousands of other people have said that, but the media chose to use her quote to get attention.

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