• because they are insecure
  • I dont mind judging or of being judged. But I do mind false judgments. And there is a big difference between fighting a judgment because you are offended and fighting a judgment because its simply incorrect. Most are too biased to understand that. Most are too biased to accept any sort of judgment.
  • Thats a great question I think they are insecure as well, me and some friends were just discussing this tonight..
  • they want to be judged second... i stared a judge into vacation because he knew he would be wrong to judge me against a false report... turns out i almost had a third judge for the same case... they stole my truck and i would report it stolen... but who can i report it too???
  • I don't know why, but I think the observation is accurate. It's ironic, but true.
  • because they have already judged themselves and found weaknesses. so they dont want to hear it again from strangers. out of their own imperfection they still seek perfection in others.
  • They are usually very rigid and are hard on themselves as well. Since they cannot accept other peoples' humanity, they cannot accept their own and they certainly don't want you to notice the flaws they are hiding even from themselves.
  • well in my opinion this is just a generalization like any other there are exceptions, i hate to be judge therefor i don't judge others i wont deny that i have an opinion about the people i know, some i like some dont but they can do whatever they want with their lives its not like ill go around telling them this or that is wrong because its not my job to do so. now the people you are referring to well maybe they just have the need to judge others so they don't focus in their own flaws it might give them some sort of comfort to think that there are others "worse" than them, this is just what i think so maybe i'm wrong.
  • That does appear to be true. It saddens me to see those who appear to have been hurt in the past by someone who they have associated with a group, then they spend the rest of their lives hating the entire group. I can't imagine what that would feel like to have such hate inside you.

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