• What's scary is if its not MOST of them! E-cigarettes may cut down on that. You're preaching to the choir here! I've had to clean up after smokers a lot in my life. Especially at the drive thru! But I think its even more offensive when its gum chewers! And why would you stick it under the restaurant table when there are napkins right there on the table?!! That's just being an asshole! I think smokers who toss their butts do it absentmindedly and really are not worse than any other litterers. Its still littering and should be ticketed just the same. I was rudely awakened while sleeping in the bed of a truck when my stepfather threw a butt out the window. It blew around in the bed of the truck and burned me 3 times! So if you smokers read this, its not harmless! Please extinguish and properly dispose of your butts for safety's sake! They can start wildfires!
  • cause if they dont care about thernselves, theyre not going to care about the ground either
  • When I was a smoker, I didn't think twice about throwing my butts on the ground or out of my car window.
  • I like to say (when I see a butt on the floor where I work, which is often), "For a smoker, the World is your ash tray." In a sense they've been trained - since childhood - to litter, and to litter wherever they happen to be at the moment. Out the window of a moving car. At their feet wherever they are standing. Set a lit cigarette on a table. A toilet. A sink. A desk at work (illegal). A computer keyboard (I kid you not). Etc. They think it's perfectly fine because they've always done it and because all of their fellows have always done it.
  • Bunch of litter bugs! one of my grandsons smokes and I'm always after him to pick up his butts and throw them in the trash. I don't know why they think leaving those things all over the yard is ok. 7/14/22
  • 15th july 2022.... its a bad habit and they toss them out of car windows and cause fires
  • It's saddening but like Lindajoy said not much worse than other litter. A live cigarette butt can be harmful though.

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