• I don't think there would be a 'best' because that depends on point of view. Inventions can make a huge difference in how history plays out, but not a single one is truely alone in being the best. Then again, 'best' in regards to what subject?
  • One cure all pill or injection for all the major diseases. Diabetes and cancer would be a thing of the past-literally! There would still be the common cold or flu, childhood diseases like chicken pox-but those of us hindered with many pills, shots or treatments wouldn't have to go through the daily pain and agony.
  • O.K. Bear with me on this, it's pretty wild and off the top of my head..... Things that are powered by excrement (do-do) like cars for instance. Fill up your car. Need to do some farming, go out in the pasture to shovel up some cow. Mow the yard, stop & collect the doggie pills. There is always a supply. I just haven't figured out how to recognize high octane yet??
    • Linda Joy
      Methane gas. Already been done- its expensive to capture and contain, I think.
  • i think a machine where u would just sit down right? ok sounds simple anough. but then like it would work your muscles for you just like move u up and down or make ur legs move so you dont have to do the work. and BOOM your in shape! wow that'd be awesomeee
  • A great invetion would ba a instantaneous particle degenerator or a teleporter which moves you by moving your atoms.
  • A pill that would make your taller if you wanted to be taller or thin if you needed to loose weight.
  • A machine which could actualise thoughts and concepts in the material world, automagically filling in gaps you couldn't resolve. So you could make anything... as long as you had the idea.
  • I'm not impressed until someone invent a device that solves all my problems, but that feels very hitchhikers guide to the galaxy style technology.
  • a floaty know it would be awsome
  • If i answered this question, here, someone could steal my idea and become a trillionaire, because of it. I need a patent number, first.
  • Teleporter

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