• No, I believe it's the other way around. A person's perception/outlook is caused by depression. It's like seeing the world through a warped lens.
  • I think it can work both ways. Depression seems to be a result of some chemical imbalance, so physical change can clearly cause this, which in turn can cause depression. However, you can't discount psychosomatic disorders too, where people's thoughts, attitudes, etc. can have a physical effect on the body. For example, many people find that if they think about their favourite food, they salivate. That's a psychosomatic response.
  • Not always. I believe that medical science has demonstrated the roles that neural chemicals can play in things like depression...
  • A very small part may be. Most of depression I believe is because an overwhelming amount of stress mixed with sadness which may or may not burn up some of the chemicals in the brain. Don't get me wrong I may be way off according to medical science but that is my theory.
  • situation is a huge factor... but eventually perception is reality... if you can see even death itself as funny then you have won against the odds
  • Feeling down or depressed, yes. Clinical depression,god knows - the professionals dont.
  • noo one can fully explain it. . . i think alot of things that hapon in life badly affect you.. my outlook has always been optimistic and humerous... but i go into moodswings like really badly... im a normally happy person but got very close to suicide... i cant exxplain my own situation myself so i doubt that anyone can ... its a widespread problem and so many variants are present in peoples lives, so its hard to define... :(
  • To some extent, but it is also chemical. If the chemicals/hormones for clear perception (eg seratonin) are consntatly depressed by the situation you drew up in, or simply because it is hereditary, then you become depressed. Diabetes is also caused by the lack of a hormone called insulin. Is diabetes caused by a person's perception/outlook? Most people would say not. THey would say it is mostly environmental and, to some extent, hereditary. Why should the lack of seratonin be viewed any differently? I think a major problem is that most people are taught that depression= pessimism. That is not true. I am a depressive, but I am not pessimistic. Only when my seratonin levels fluctuate to I begin to become pessimistic.
  • Most of the time.
  • I think the perceptions are brought on by the depression. There is a growing body of evidence that it depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body. Many people swear that a proper diet and the correct amount of exercise can fight the causes of depression. Most doctors try to use a full range of treatments, including eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise, and sometimes medication.
  • yes ... you need to learn to accept your mistakes and imperfections ... understand purpose of life and how to achieve this purpose some people are more like animals ... short-visioned ... all they see is what to fun to do on weekends ... have sex when aroused ... eat when hungry ... sleep when tired ... those people are in ignorance of the bigger picture other people are far-visioned ... they care about their future ... care about life after death ... care about mysteries of life and the unknown ... care about their goals and how to achieve them ... care about how to improve themselves ... care about leaving an impression on humanity before they die
  • Sometimes..but the other times are caused by an imbalance of naturally occuring chemicals in the brain/body :)
  • i believe a persons perception can be caused by depression
  • Yes, I believe we believe lies in our mind formed there mostly as a child. About ourself. Things that were said to us a a child and screwed up our belief system. We then grew up thinking some of these things were true. They became so familiar to us in our mind, that is takes Truth to unlock this and light shed on it to know they are lies. If you can get to most roots of the lies and replace it with truth you can get freedom. I have spent my last 10 years doing that. What a great thing to get free of anxiety of fear. Its like the brain can make those chemical again once the thinking is right again. That is just my story , it may be different for some others.

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