• Is their opinion valuable to you?
  • That even Jesus turned water to wine.
  • Ask em if they want their drinks on the rocks or just plain.
  • That there is no Biblical foundation for what they are saying. The Bible tells us that Jesus spent his time with sinners; in fact, the Pharisees' major complaint with him was that he was a friend to the sinners. There is not even a Biblical injunction against drinking (though there is one against drunkenness, which is clearly a sin). Telling somebody that they will or will not be saved based on the company they keep is completely without backup in the Bible.
  • "I'm sure glad God is my judge, and not YOU!"
  • Jesus came to the sinners not the saints.he talke with the lepers.the person who told you this is incorrect in there thinking
  • Tell them to rethink that...then poke them in the eyes Three Stooges style. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!!!!
  • Hahaha! Even Jesus drank wine.
  • Tell them not to drink then! Jesus drank wine...He turned water into wine. What have they to say about that I wonder? Point is, do you really give a crap what they think? I wouldn't!
  • "Then I guess Jesus wasn't saved either - hmmmmm that can't be. I guess you must be wrong! Judge not lest ye be judged."
  • You're saved no matter what you do. As long as you've accepted Christ, and know he died.. then having a drink or hanging around drinkers won't matter.
  • "At least I won't be nuts, like you are." is what I'd say.
  • Well, you can drink. If they're saying that you won't be saved as in go to Heaven, then tell them they're wrong. In the Bible it only says not to get to the point where your judgment is inhibited. So, essentially if you get drunk but still are in control and can mae good judgment, you're ok.
  • I would probably just look at them like I smell something bad and walk away. No comment needed :)
  • This person has some nerve setting themself up as "judge, jury and executioner" of you or those that associate with drinkers. Tell them that Jesus drank wine on many occasions and his first mircacle was turning water into wine at a wedding feast and that he had wine at the Passover. I wouldn't give this wacko a second thought.
  • Nothing. Silence is the best response. No one knows for sure about anything that happens/doesn't happen after one. So since that is true, it makes that statement ridiculous. Why respond to something that is ridiculous? :)
  • Tell 'em to read their Bible. You should read your Bible too, then you'll get a much better idea of what it's all about.
  • According to the NT Jesus associated with sinners, does this reflect badly on him?
  • I wouldn't say a thing. Evidently they don't know that Jesus died for our sins, not that drinking is a sin. All you have to do is invite Jesus into your heart, and ask him to be your savior. God is the only Judge, not them!
  • "When did God die and leave you in charge"? The Bible speaks against "drunkards", those who drink in excess and put it before family, friends and responsibility and drink to the point where their judgement is impaired. All through the Bible it speaks of people drinking wine...even Jesus. Maybe you should ask the person if they are willing to sever their relationship with Him.
  • I think the person that said this to you a Muslim. The book she reads will be the Qu'ran.
  • You say something like "You are welcome to your opinion. I don't happen to agree with you". Smile and change the subject or..if they persist...walk away.
  • get a life
  • Tell them that you would like to discuss that matter further over a nice cold beer. And if they won't...Drink theirs.
  • I wouldn't say a word. You might want to suggest they read the New Testament though about who Jesus associated with and what the religious folks said about that. If you were struggling with that issue in your life and the temptation to fall, I would have some different, loving, and gentle advice for you. But as it is, I would not let their opinions worry me if I were you.
  • 6-10-2017 I try to be polite because it is quite rare to meet somebody who actually knows what he is talking about. I like to ask witnessers "Why should I want to be saved?" They don't know. Sometimes I say "Yeah, I'm safe." They have no idea how to respond to that. Baptists are a hoot because they can't read Acts 1:5. They omit the "but". It contradicts the foundation of their denomination, so they just can't read what it the way it's printed.
  • I'd probably quote Romans 3:10 Romans 3:23 John 3:16 then tell them about the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, the woman who bathed Jesus's feet with her tears and dried them with her hair, the rich man who couldn't give up his money to follow Jesus. And how Jesus was often in the company of sinners His own self yet he never sinned. Tell them how Jesus said it is not the healthy who need a physician but rather the sick I don't remember the exact quote. We're all sinners but we can all be forgiven. The only unforgivable sin is the denial of the Holy Ghost.
  • I would tell them that they need to read the bible more thoroughly because, it would seem that, they have totally misunderstood much of what Christ taught.
  • Wow. Christians judging other people? Shocking! Shocking, I tell you!
    • Linda Joy
      You judge them! What's the difference? You're more judgmental and prejudiced than any Christian I know!
  • The Bible says that associations spoils useful habits as a man thinks in his heart so he becomes! If your friends are drug addicts and alcoholics instead of Christians he already know what's in your heart! What are you waiting for!? You might as well light up the crack pipe drink the alcohol. You wouldn't be in their company if that wasn't what you enjoyed! Don't sit there being miserable embrace either good or embrace evil. God said either be hot or be cold because if you're lose warm I'll spit you out of my mouth. Pharaoh was against God but God still used pharaoh as an example of what happens when you oppose God Pharaoh became quite famous as a defeated pharaoh! But me I want to be remembered as somebody that was on the side of God a friend of God not somebody that sat there longing to have a drink or suck on the crack pipe.
  • Ask this person how he or she explains Jesus's presence at the Wedding at Cana. His turning water into wine? And yes, it was wine, not grape juice. Ancient Greek had very specific words for wine and unfermented grape juice. Ask how he/she explains St Paul recommending wine drinking in one of his epistles. This person doesn't seem very familiar with the Bible, I must say.

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