• To my babee. babee. : )
  • not sure who
  • maybe my sister
  • Not telling. Already delivered!
    • Linda Joy
      Your mom then? (jk)
    • Roaring
      Actually bought a dozen orange roses for a woman I've been interested in. Not sure any more than good friends is in the cards with her though. (don't know about the skit)
    • Linda Joy
      It's in the link. Why orange?
  • Two to Kellyanne Conway, three to Jenny Rizzo, four to Pearl Liederman and five to Linda Joy.
  • I'd probably send them to my sister. She suffers from depression and I think it would help her feel better, even if just for a while.
    • Linda Joy
      That's sweet! I'm sorry your sister and all who love her are suffering through this. I know many who understand. Several of my sisters and myself have suffered from depression. I hope they find the right medication for your sister!

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