• I didnt it a few times when I was 17 due to medical problems at that time. My bestfriend found out and my mom told everyone. I was sooo mad!! But thats a point in my life where I learned Those who Mind dont Matter, and those who Matter dont Mind.....
  • I once wet the bed while staying over at a friends house. I think I didn't want to disturb anyone by finding where the loo was, went back to sleep and wet the bed. While walking around the room wondering what to do, my friends mother came in, directed me to the bathroom to shower while she changed the bed. I felt like a little baby.
  • I don't remember how old I was, but I remember wetting my sleeping bag once at a pretty crowded sleepover. I think I just changed my clothes and rolled up my sleeping bag; waited for the others to get up. When they did, one girl wondered why part of her sleeping bag was damp; I said nothing.

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