• it used to be girls when I was younger, but now I feel I communicate equally awful with both genders. Well, I would rather be around the guys in my class, who are geeks like myself, than the sterotypical pop girls who are in abundance at my school. I have nothing to talk to them about, and I wouldn't bother to make the attempt
  • I'm a heterosexual male, I don`t have a gay bone in my body. I prefer being around women. The more the merrier. :)
  • Women. Why not? Seriously, they usually are more open and interesting.
  • Women are preferable and they must be in bikinis at least. Why? Because of the curves.;-)
  • Really depends on my intentions and the circumstances.. Beers, sports and wings....I'm hanging with the boys. Bedroom, picnic, nice dinner....hanging with the girls.
  • If they're close to my own age, then I definitely prefer companions of the female persuasion. I just find a lot of teenage males to be a tad too immature (I know, isn't that a shocking revelation?!). When it comes to older people... Well, most of the adults I know are mature enough that their sex doesn't matter too much.
  • I prefer women. My best friends have always been women. I married one, and I have two children that happen to be female, so I'm all good.
  • I need more girl friends. I want to be lady-like, but I don't know anyone who is that way.
  • In general? Men. When I was a young girl I always ended up with my dad and uncles in a back room watching them play poker (and learning how myself). I always found that far more interesting than being in the kitchen with the "women" who talked about children, their husbands, the latest fashions, yawn yawn yawn. I have a son whom I adore..I love his friends as well. I have Jim..I had my Dad..I have two great brothers-in-law. I just get along better with men. They're less complicated, more open, less competitive and more easygoing! :)
  • gay men...pretty obvious reason
  • Im really happy to be around both. I grew up around a lot of males so im really happy in their company, but most of my friends are female.:-)+
  • I prefer being around people that are interesting, regardless of gender. To answer your question though, I will have to say that I have preferred being around women. As for why...I honestly cannot give you a concrete reason. It ultimately comes down to comfort level, I suppose.
  • Men. I just get along with them better
  • I'm a 100% straight guy, and I prefer the friendship of a woman. And it's not about sex (which is an effed up stereotype). Men tend to be competitive towards other men, and are just as catty as some women. Men tend to be phony: yeah they're cool and will be your best friend, that is until that hot chick with the big butt and/or big boobs, or someone they like a little more than you comes along as opposed to women who are straightforward. And besides. There's only so much talking about sports, cars and other guy things to talk about before it gets plain boring. Women tend to be more intellectually stimulating.
  • I definately prefer being around men. I have always been a townboy. When I was little I was the only little girl playing football with the neighborhood boys. And I absolutely loved it!
  • Women, because I can be myself around them, and let my hair down.
  • Women, mostly. Most guys tend to be all about the sports of beer.
  • Generally men...maybe it's the tomboy in me or maybe it's just because I don't find many women that I can get along with really well.
  • I would have to say MEN.......far too many female friends will backstab you without even thinking about what they are doing.........
  • i'm more comfortable with my female friends. i used to have a few guy friends but they wanted more than friendship and friends don't kiss each other (unless their sex buddies). but lately female friends can be jealous of each other so i wouldn't mind having more guy friends.
  • Both. But I seem to be more at ease with women friends. There is always some type of competition with males. e.g. bigger car, more investments, stronger, etc. always seems to be something. Maybe it's me.
  • I would like to be friends with women because I don't have any women friends.
  • hi, cuzisaidso, babieeeeeeeeeeeee ... women ... cuz they got boobz and booty ... and i like to listen to their thoughts and answer their questions ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • I like being around men better. Seems I have most my adult life. I tend to get along better with them. Maybe it is because I grew up with two brothers and no sisters.

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