• Bow most respectfully and offer her my services. And perhaps a cup of tea and a biscuit (because there's not a lot in the pantry).
  • I'd just say hey how ya doing and ask her about her horses.
  • not a lot really. I would just stand there like a lemon feeling scruffy.
  • do nothing. she doesnt really impress me
  • Put some clothes on for starters
  • As the most exalted universal essence of our most finely guarded secret, of mankind through the eons - no doubt Finland‘s portal to the lights of the sky, the sacred Lapland of my people; and knowing well that direct line to the masses of influence - marketing makers of fame - mankinds soul, found in word and imagery “America“. I have now been sent to acquaint myself along your side of England’s vision of time yet to be. Keeping company with our grace, a new foretold beginning will make itself known - to bring hope and revision to our future and it’s generations. By stead fast in our given task - united we both will perform a most advantages loyal duty the likes of which the gods will shine upon. The power invested in both our station - I surmise, will give the people confident to rise and face those daily challenges before them. What crown would be complete without it’s crowning Jewel, what wizard would be caught without his familiar. What Queen would have the ear of the gods without me? I would consider myself victorious in all my newly designated decisions given the counsel of one such as myself. Take this moment as we depart and notice the truth that will follow the Queen and all her doings. The clarity of life and all it’s decisions will be revealed and made crystal clear. I will make myself known again during the Queens distress and indecision - at this time the Queen will be amazed by her strong resolve in keeping my hopes for the future alive and well... For all that I speak for and represent, there is no failing in any endeavor. All I ask is take notice in how I commit myself to future achievements and - by this - will the Queen know the aide of my guidance that alone have all revealed. All of England will soon come to know that they bore witness to this era - because of what we are from times past - I have brought us to this here now. Take to heart knowing we do not stand alone but are united together in one cause; a cause that will in it’s own way be added to the bigger picture. The picture that has endured life times - and that is for the future of our people, across the board. The ones yet to learn and understand what it took to get here and what it will take to continue. By believing in me, we will successfully play are part and will join the ranks of those who bore witness before. It is this that I am endowed with - bringing harmony to those who can reveal to me - this that they desire. I speak of what took place in the grandest of things. I am that responsive voice found in the heart of all creation, awaiting to be revealed. It is that what people look to the skies with, were they find their most inner selves, the truth of where they came from and to where they will go. By having me by your side we will set the trends for others to follow. Again and again all will realize my attributes given by the gods, my endowed given ability to breath life into memories that gave form and substance to our very own history. This removing of all those layers of man made myth making allows me to give an account to the peoples compassion their most basic sense of right and wrong. By this more complete and accurate glimpse of heritage - a grand vision will be revealed. As the clock ticks past - time will pass from our grasp as this moment drifts by and by - my clarity will be irresistible and quite well. To know me will is to seek me - In truth to me all will seek my council and know full well what remains to be seen - facing this recaptures the moods and feelings that you would wish to suppress and hide from me. But I will know that what is in your hart, this very day. It was something that could never have been kept from me; given all the ends of time. My Queen will never be satisfied with such outside interpretation‘s given to only to confuse - that is - without me here with you - because it restricts to a single - a most solum theme that is the most opposite of the Queens station. It might have been once - the oldest justifications in all the world that the gods are fleets of fancy and nothing to be taken seriously. Consequently, it is I who accumulates carries to the rescue from this motivational stalemate with which the people around me dually so elect to have; only by their own account, I might add. I solve their setbacks that society and the individual feel... All I can ask of the Queen, right now, is to not blame herself for feeling our company would now not be pleasant if it were no longer. It was only the presents of our fathers father and his father before him that dose this to ourselves. Please my Queen, take solace in knowing that our company will have again.... Forget not the Queen - for that what I have just given before - I say read again, and again and again. In so doing will we be again, not changed or altered - the same as now, captured for eternity and forever more. Is there not more? Knowing full well that I am still there for the Queen - more than even before. So yes my Queen read and re-read again and find a place, once again - the sweeter it will make it all the more than before. Seek me, it would not be advisable to tolerate without.
  • Ask if I could see what's in her purse and then ambush her for an episode of TLC's What Not to Wear;)
  • I guess I'd nod and politely inquire, "Hey Lizzy, wazzup?". ;)
  • Bow and ask her how her "piles" are.....Buckingham Palace,Belmoral,Sandringham ,Windsor etc etc.
  • id stutter.
  • iv met her, she is really nice and friendly, oveasly i didn't spend that long with her, it was just a little hand shack, but she was really nice.
  • nothing .. just take a picture :P
  • im like her #1 fan..... i'd dieeeeee
  • I'd ask her how it felt to live off her people all of her life, as well as her dumb offspring. Then I'd remind her that while she lives in the lap of luxury, most of her country lives in poverty. I'd suggest that she stop living off of the poor and get a friggin job like everybody else.
  • I would curtsey and call her Maam.
  • Tell her I liked her song "candle in the wind"
  • I'd shake her hand, but I'd never, ever, ever, ever bow to her.
  • be gracious and bow accordingly
  • Given that I am Canadian and a member of the Commonwealth, I would courtsey and be very polite.
  • I'd say, nice to meet you, love the hat!
  • bow i'm not sure what we'd talk about lol
  • You don't have a are told what to do. Take her fingers, not her hand, dip a curtsy or a only speak if spoken to.
  • Crap my pants.
  • I would respectfully bow. I would say nothing unless she spoke to me first as per protocol
  • i nnight treat her out to eat

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