• No, I didn't wet the bed in Junior High. I did, however, know someone who had the issue and it was called "anuerisis" (sp?) or something. She had to take medicine for it and set an alarm to wake her so she could go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to combat this.
  • only when i had a dream i was taking a pee but really wasnt. which was very rare.
  • no.:-)+
  • Nope, but I had a friend that wet the bed even through college. She finally went to a doctor and she had a defect with her bladder.
  • Still do! (Left Uni 10 years ago)
  • Yes, I am 16 and still do. Actually, I have a huge problem. When I was younger, it was not a big deal cuz everyone was dressed up like a little girl. Now I am 16. My mom completely went over board. I wear 2 diapers 247. On top of that, a very stiff pair of rubber pants that make noise when I walk. I always wear dresses and skirts to school cuz my mom makes me. She makes me wear frilly socks and she does my hair every morning. I sleep on a cot in my parents room. Every morning and every night, i lay on her bed as she powders me and then rubs me and puts on my diaper. Bed time is 6. I do no after school activities except for a mommy and me club. It is all 3 year olds... She spanks me if i ever disobey and my dad does if my mom is not there. Not to even mention school... I still do work at a 10th grade level, but i am homeschooled. I am glad cuz i would be soooo humiliated if boys my age saw my diapers and rubber pants under my frilly skirts. She feeds me as well. Everytime during the day i say i have to use the bathroom, she insists i just go in the pants. Then she lays me down and changes my diaper, while singing to me. She also powders me and rubs me all over. I need help
  • I wet it just a couple years ago. Long story.
  • Yah- unfortunately, most every night.

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