• no, i never got married or had a high school sweetheart
  • Almost...She was/is a good woman, but I cheated.
    • Linda Joy
      Why? Did you learn your lesson? More specifically which lesson did you learn?
    • Azlotto
      "Why?"...She pissed me off and the opportunity was there..."Did you learn your lesson?"...Yes, after we broke up, she hooked up with some asshole that treated her a lot worse than I did.
    • Azlotto
      Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?
    • Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      And I saw on another question that you DID learn your lesson - at least if what you said is true, and I haven't known you to lie before. You were bold enough to tell the truth here. But the way you left it here would suggest if the situation presented itself again you'd do the same, which is counter indicated by what you said. That you have learned to treat women like God's gift to man. I think we are both God's gift to the other and should be treated as such. And anyone who doesn't feel that way about the other shouldn't be together. Its hard enough to make it work when you're crazy about each other.
    • Azlotto
      I'm a lot of things, but a liar I'm not.
  • No. In HS, there was only one girl in my class I found interesting. That was unrequited. No sweetheart for me. After graduation, I dated a few ladies from the younger classes. Considered marrying one of them.
    • newyorknewyork
      For the record, the one I almost married was the best friend of the sister of the one who never like me back. Didn't have my #1 choice, but I had some success in her circle.
  • No, he took the Fork in the road and made a new life for himself.
  • Sure did. But apparently I was too much of an asshole. Second wife apparently thought the same thing.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe you should find a woman that loves assholes! They're out there!
  • We were both 16 when we met but we went to different schools and then we got married when we were 26 years old
    • Linda Joy
      Still married to him? I remember young love its so sweet and innocent. I thought I'd never love anything more in all my life! Then my experience of love grew!
  • Yes, but he liked my best friend better than he liked me. Took her to the prom when I was his well beloved..haha! I married him anyway.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you still together? I don't think I would stay with someone who chose another over me. In any other relationship I could have accepted it, but not a romantic love relationship. I guess those who don't mind have more love in their lives, but I'd rather have quality than quantity. For them I don't think the quality is diminished by letting 'others' in. But then maybe they've just never experienced what I won't settle for less than.

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