• Golf disks.
    • RareCatch
      Don't know what a golf disc is, please inform me.Nov09
    • kwhit190211
      I collect wood & metal. I hate to see either outside on the curb for the garbage man's truck. Where I can re-purpose it & make something nice out of it.
  • Memories
  • Unpaid bills and broken hearts,in that order. Well, you did ask!
  • I collect teapots, pictures of teapots, and other tea related things.
  • Dust...
  • We collect bottles. mainly, green mason jars. we have an extensive collection, of which many are valuable. One of most prized bottles, in our collection, is the first whiskey bottle used by Jack Daniels Distillery. it is a three-part bottle.
  • FROGS!! Frogs and more frogs. But that is just the relative to the "real" animals I collect.
  • Well...aside from body parts... No no no! Just kidding! They confiscated that collection a long time ago! Actually, I don't collect anything at this point in my life. That is a little weird for me, because I definitely have a collector's personality! I don't know if the following photo qualifies as a collection, but I have a really funny story about these paperweights. I work as a manager for a medical billing company. I am one of 13 males who work here at a company with over 220 employees. As such, I take a little bit of ribbing from the "fairer sex" here at work. About a year ago, a new employee started in one of my departments. She was a bit of a suck-up, and was always complementing various people - usually the supervisors and managers. One day, I was on the phone at my desk, when I became aware that she was standing there waiting to ask me a question. As she was standing there, she was looking at my paperweights, which were lined up along the back of my desk. When I got off the phone, she opened the conversation with the statement "I like your balls." The department supervisor and administrative assistant who were sharing office space with me at the time both cracked up. They were actually down on the floor laughing with tears streaming down their faces. The poor girl stood there for a moment, then when comprehension dawned - RAN out of the office. I had to go to her desk and sooth her and tell her that she was a valued employee and asked her to please stay.
  • Jimi Hendrix lp's
  • Shiny things.
  • I used to collect miniatures but now I don't like to dust such things!
  • Random crap to go on my door of wonder
  • Well for a very very long time I collected dolls from all the countries i had visited or my dad had visited on business (thats how it started) However i had a complete declutter about a year ago and currently they are all sitting in a bit plastic box under my bed. My favorite one (a puppet from indonesia) is displayed downstairs, but for the meantime i'm not adding to my collection until i display it again. (to be fair i havn't actually beeen anywhere since then)
  • I collect antiques from different countries. Also, I collect certain things, that I find interesting, from all of the religions I've studied. My favorite are the two alters from Tibetan Monk Monestaries. I also collect fish. I love fish, so I have several aquariums that have different fish in them. I even have a "fish room" that has fish all over the walls, fish art, bamboo, and starfish in fishing nets.
  • My collection sounds uninspired after these intriguing answers - baseball cards. I used to collect kitchen gadgets but they started invading my space, and, I think, secretly devouring the contents of my pantry while I slept. But the coolest was this apple-corer thingy - you coiled the snake's tail, and its tongue spiraled through the apple.
  • Timepieces
  • I collect those pennies that get squashed and have the things imprinted on them. You can find them at places tourists go to. I have a whole book full of them.
  • Frogs. Not real ones, of course. I collect decorative frogs or anything else that has a frog on it - t-shirts, incense burners, etc.
  • I have been collecting vintage video game systems for about three years now. I have a 9 year old boy and we have been collecting these vintage systems and the games that went with them. It has brought back memories from my youth and he loves having his friends over and showing them our collection. Last week we got "Crazy Climber" for the Atari 2600. We have 16 vintage game systems in all.
  • I had a stamp collection for a while, currently they are all at the bottom of a desk drawer being squashed. I'm thinking decoupage.
  • I collect my ideas. I carry a t-mobile SideKick and email ideas to myself. Some are 5 words. Some are 5 paragraphs. I recommend it highly. Even if you never review the ideas, you can feel the new build on the old. If you don't have a religion, this can be one. Ask the most important questions you can. Answer as honestly as possible and act with the greatest sincerity according to those answers. Go forth my child.
  • Dustbunnies,, I keep them under the bed
  • i collect models of where ever i go as in trips
  • Dance music vinyl.
  • I collect fat on my hips... :o(
  • Like BAM said, I collect random crap, and music
  • I used to collect foreign currencies, and then I got bored so I started collecting poststamps, and then I got bored of that, so right now I'm not really collecting anything.
  • Nothing anymore.
  • Shoes. I feel I have enough to consider it a collection.
  • I collect avatar pictures, that's how I manage to change it so often. I have about 75 right now, but it flucuates.
  • Currently? Fleas and $%&^&* I probably have about 17 billion in my living room alone .
  • I collect monkeys >< love em! I also collect two dollar bills.. I've done this since I was a lil girl.
  • Let's see......where do I begin? For starters, I haven't looked at some of my collections for a while, so I might be guessing on some of the numbers. --Well I collect stamps, and I have more then I should have, 'cause I bought more than half of them new! --I collect money (no joke, and not in a savings account either!). I have some old Canadian $1, $2, $5, $50, & $100 bills from a few differant eras, as well as some money from other places that friends have brought back from their travels, like China coins, Holland coins, & a few African small bills. --I used to catch and dry butterflies and pin them to a corkboard when I was younger and lived in the country, so I have about 12, give or take. --I collect key ring thinggies (the things on your key rings that aren't keys, but decoration), and I have probably about 2 ziplock bags full (maybe 20 +/-). --I also collect good books, and I have so many that I need to get another shelf (don't know how many of those I have). Comprehensive enough?? Good.
  • I collect thought and am in surplus.
  • I collect money....I don't have enough
  • I collect interesting pictures. Like vintage/old black and white ones. It's a lot easier when you know how to take them hahah. But if I encounter one on the internet I save it to print out one day, or just to keep in a folder to look at later. I have bunches, I don't even know how many. I am also going to start a collection of autographs by my favorite musicians. I don't really have many, yet, by thats why I am just now starting it. I also have a vast collection of cds. Not like I try to collect them for a hobby or anything, but I have hundreds of those and they accumulate pretty quicky, because I buy one (or burn some... shhh!) almost every week.
  • I collect ceramic cats and anything else "catty" I have no idea how many I have - it's a lot. Also fridge magnets - the door is covered with them. I keep saying one more and the door will fall off.
  • I collect bells and I have about 40 of them.
  • i collect all and any kinds of music ..500-600 cds
  • Airoheads though I only have one
    • RareCatch
  • Sometimes I just collect dust. I often collect bills. I do enjoy collecting books though.
  • i collect tuskers elephants and staffordshire bull terrier orniments. sometimes they can be expensive but they are sooooooo cute :0)
  • Swarovski crystals, well my wife does anyway. We have quite a few pieces now.
  • my husband collects women. (i'm being serious here).
  • i collect dreams, i write them down when i had one. i also collect sand from beaches: i put them in little jars.
  • I seem to collect enemies, although it isn't on purpose.
  • I try to collect knowledge, and good bud.
  • my memories, as i travel or my children grow up, things like a train ticket, brochue, the little things. then i put them with photos in there scrapbooks for when they get older.
  • I used to collect fortunes from fortune cookies and I kept them in a really cool carved box. It was a pretty large collection and whenever I had friends over, we'd pass the box around and read our fortunes... recently my daughter found the box and decided to continue the collection.
  • I collect people. Friends, family, enemies, neighbors, lovers, etc...
  • I used to collect stamps when I was little. I was at my parents' house the other day, and my mom came across a box full of different things of mine - including my old stamp collection! I had no idea that I'd even saved it. Maybe I'll start collecting them again.
  • i think the only thing i ever really collected was movie stubs when my boyfriend and i woujld go out to the movies. but now we have seen so many movies i have lost alot of them. or he kept them and threw them out. so i dont collect anything anymore that i know of. unless i do it subconsciously
  • I collect glass animals. I have over 100 but my favorite is this red and black dragon.
  • Lighthouse Statuettes :)
  • I collect angels/cherbus and cookbooks.
  • Mentally ill cats.
    • RareCatch
    • techyhans
      haha I read that reply in the voice of Mr Burns
  • stamps, rocks, stickers and hairties
  • well...i collect sunglasses and money! haha...although the money one is harder than you think...haha! i love sunglasses!
  • guitar picks i collect all different kinds and different colors
  • Shoes (any that suit me) and Coach purses to match. Aviation and flight related items (both military and commercial). The best item in the aviation collection is the flight suit I took off of a hot F-117 test pilot. Charm bracelets and vintage clothing (I started with my grandmothers 1940s hats).
  • I collect very old books. I have a ton of them, including a first edition Around the World in 80 Days and A Tale of Two Cities. Those are my favorites...but they are hard to find, and kind of expensive.
  • I collect bottle caps. i have about 9000 so far.
    • RareCatch
  • Police department uniform patches. I'll be glad to provide an address if anyone has one to send me...Thanks
  • bobblehead figures, antiques
  • teddy bears- you can tell by my avatar!
  • Guitar Picks, alcohol bottles (cool ones), and shot glasses! That's pretty much it.
  • I have several collections but I keep them small between three and fifteen for most of them. My favorite is a collection of eggs I have been gathering for about 22 years now. It includes Ostrich eggs, glass, crystal, stone, cloisonne, ceramic, metal, and other birds' eggs that have been painted or carved. I have about 25 now. My other collections include: rabbits, harlequins, castles, dragons, carnival glass, perfume bottles, otters, and books. I guess I should add looms I have nine and that sorta counts as a collection. I'm going to try to attach a photo of my rabbit collection.
  • I collect finger and toenail clippings from myself, my family and friends. In case cloning becomes cheap and readily available, I plan to clone everyone from the dna samples these nails contain and throw a big party.
    • RareCatch
  • Art prints, books, and matchbooks, as reminders of all the places or experiences that I have had whislt I travel throughout the world.
  • Oh I used to collect horses. When I was a little girl we used to go to my uncle's house and ride all the time and I just loved it. But now days all I seem to have the time to collect is dust.
  • I have a bit of a hat collection. I like quite wierd hats, the only thing is I go out wearing them and get drunk and always seem to come home hatless. So it's actually not much of a collection, I continue to buy them though.
  • Precious moments figures
  • Most appropirate for me will be: What I do not collect? I love collecting shells, candles, paintings, crystal glasses, plants, dry flowers, carved furniture, pearls, shoes, leather bags, silk scarfs, books..... many many more.
  • My daughter collected empty 2 liter soda bottles until she had over 250 of them and couldn't walk into her room anymore. She finally let me send them to the recycling center!! Thank goodness!!!
  • I collect gemstones, both polished and unpolished, which I keep in a great big square glass vase. Here is a photo of some of them.
  • Wrinkles & dust bunnies
  • I have my fourth kid on the way (the oldest will be 4 next month), so right now it seems children.
  • $2 bills & star notes,depression glass.(green ware)
  • I like to say I collect pin-up art, because I own several signed posters, books and a couple of original lithographs by my favorite artist Olivia. However, it's been years since I've been able to indulge in that passion. Whenever I see matches, I pick up a book. I have a nice wall frame that holds the books in place for viewing, so I can trade them out periodically. The bulk of them get tossed into large flower vases way up there on top of the buffet. I buy coffee mugs that have a message or a unique design. And like to get chimes or other little hanging pretties when they catch my eye, but won't break my bank. I have old coins and currency, jars of buttons, large collection of gumball prizes from my youth, and many, many marbles. I love gemstones and some beads too, though I've never been much for making them into anything but a filled jar to look at. I like angels and bears, but not just any, they have to be just right to join the collection! As a romantic and sentimental person, loving the idea of love for life, I still have the majority of the love and friend, cards and letters, I've received in my life. When I saw a good friend recently after years of absense, he was in tears seeing I'd kept all his correspondence from our almost 30 year relationship. Oh, I collect statements or phrases I see that I like too. This is from last night: "May you end up in an eternal life where your enhanced mental abilities make you keenly aware of the devil's lighter flickering below your scrotum." Pretty good, huh? Well worth collecting!
  • I think today I would be happy to just collect myself.
  • I like to collect money, and I've been at it a long time, but so far my collection is still pretty small.
  • Seashells. But just from Puerto Rico they help me too remeber all the good but limited times I have with my family during vacation.
  • Loyal, Caring friends.
    • RareCatch
  • For 35 years, art and antiques: ALL kinds, but most from 18th-19th century, except some art and a few other things that are E. 20th century. See some random photos:
  • I have a box with teeth, fingernails and cat whiskers.
    • RareCatch
  • Antique American pottery. Antique photographs. Old tourist momentos and souveniers.
  • Money (English notes preferably, my favourite being the £50 one. It's a lovely shade of pink, you can send me them if you like).
  • Old baseball cards and sports collectables. I have made some money over the years.
  • i have plenty of shoe laces [not that i collect them]
  • I collect rocks..
  • Points! (from AB)
    • RareCatch
      Points?? How??
  • I collect CD and tapes. Punk ROCKS!!!
  • Collect not what is material rather collect opportunity's.
  • Mugs. My collection slowly fills up a cabinet...
  • I've been collecting comics since I was ten. I have thousands of them. Its kinda dorky, but I love them
  • I use to collect beanie babies when they were really popular.
  • I collect pretty and unusual vases My husband collects shot glasses and we collect coolie cups from different places that we go, we have about 50 now.
  • I collect hotwheels for my son, I collect seashells for myself, and I collect magnets from states me and my husband travel to.
  • I have a pretty large collection of comic books. I'm not sure what I'll do with them if my son isn't into comics when he's older, but there there taking up space in the closet!
  • Keys- I have about 700 something now.

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