• I find a woman with tattoos can be sexy indeed ... When I see an attractive women not realising she has tattoos ... Then she removes some clothing to reveal her artwork ... blows me away! It is an unexpected feeling of admiration ... Yes I dig girls with art too ... ;)
  • Lets put it this way. I would not ask them to do it. But if they had it already when I met them then it would not be the end of the world.
  • Especially the one's that say "warning: white trash".
  • This is funny to me because a man i recently met who was flirting heavily with me told me how disappointed he was in his daughter for getting a tattoo. Little did he know I had five...
  • I find women that have tattoos is vary sexy
  • Traditionally tattoos were the prostitutes' way of advertising. They have always sent a clear signal, "I am available for sex." I suppose that's both sexy and trashy all in one. Male tattoos? "I'm a sexual predator." I think that applies even to the "MOM-in-a-heart" tattoo that the 17-year-old sailor gets on his arm. For me, it's a form of body mutilation, and gross. I'm not saying I wouldn't date a woman with a tattoo, but I wouldn't marry her. All of the above applies in the Western World. In other parts of the world, I can't say.
  • Personally, if the tatoo means something then it can be very sexy, but if it's just something they got one night at the bar, man, that's frikkin trashy. almost trashier than the word frikkin. really.
  • Very sexy IF the tattoos are creative and well-done. I once met a woman who had Pink Panther cartoon characters all over her body. That is not sexy. Neither is Winnie the Pooh or Tinker Bell.
  • They can be sexy but I wouldn't judge a woman to be trashy based only on whether she has tattoos. However, if she had one of Christmas on the upper part of one thigh, one of New Year's on the other, and one under her navel that said, "Come see me between the Holidays", then I'm sure my wife would form the latter opinion. ;)
  • Depends on the tattoo (choice, placement and quality).
  • It depends... but more of most the time,,,Its sexy,,,
  • Trashy. Tattoos are ugly. Tattoos show how much a girl or guy is owned by the current trend. The human body is beautiful. Tattoos belong on the arms of ugly sailors and the Maori people.
  • It depends on what and where, and how it's displayed. The tramp stamp is an accurate name for that one though IMHO!
  • Totally trashy.

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