• probably more people are getting them
  • Stretch if you gain weight
  • Them cycles don't go any faster or slower so maybe they just s t r e t c h.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe she should have gotten a limo! lol
    • Rick Myres
      Lol A Limo might have been too big?
  • Regret.
  • 9-30-2017 They go from uninteresting to repellent. I really prefer just plain skin.
  • My father had tattoos on both his forearms. I was too young to know what they were, I just remember they were there. When he passed away in the early 1970s they were only indistinct blue blobs covering his arms. He hated them. He threatened me to within an inch of my life if I ever got a tattoo. I never have. There are those who will argue saying the inks and methods are so much better now. Well we will see when those tattoos get to be 40 years old as to what they will look like.
    • Linda Joy
      I came close when I was in the Navy but I never did.
    • Thinker
      I really never thought about tattoos when I was in the Navy as far as getting one. I remembered what my father said. I didn't dare!! Today I am glad I never did
    • Linda Joy
      When I was in the Navy everybody was getting them. I never did and I'm glad I didn't too.
  • When I was a skinny teenager, I got a tattoo on my right bicep. By the time I was in my late 20's, I had gained a significant amount of arm muscle, and the tattoo looked kind of weird from being stretched out. Now that I'm old, my muscle mass is somewhere in between, and the tattoo is no longer stretched out, but kind of twisted and a little lopsided. I don't regret it, it kind of tells a story on multiple levels now.
  • people gain or lose weight
  • That eagle you got on your left boob when you were 20 has turned into a vulture at 65.

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