• Runny from grandma with a switch to tan my backside.
  • In the 4th grade when I got chased by a 5th grader with a knife for beating him at football. I was so scared that I hauled major ass.
  • When i was chased out of a orchard by the owner whilst carrying a jersey full of apples. (a long way back though, he would catch me easy now) :)
  • running away from a Police Officer. It was like an action movie.
  • The day a bumble bee decided to race me to the front door. Did I mention the hurdles over the bushes??????LOL
  • When my son got hurt, we were at a 4th of July, BBQ, and the big boys(Dads) were throwing fast balls, my son happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a wild ball nailed him in the eye, he started screaming bloody murder, from the intense pain, ran, when he couldnt even see, flipped over a picnic, hit his head on the concrete and stopped breathing.
  • I remember playing football when I was 15 or 16 and I was able to outrun the other players.
  • I was 17 yo...
  • When I thought my son was going to get ganged up on by 3 boys during a parade & I knew 2 of the other boys were infamous for carrying knives. They didn't show them when I got there & caught my breath & threatened to even the odds. Never been so scared & angry at the same time.
  • Basic training. The final PT test. 2 miles in 13.46 minutes which for me is damned near impossible.
  • In my mid-to-late 30's being chased around a house by a swarm of angry black and white hornets. I was landscaping, found the nest by accident(I was known as 'he who finds bees' at work) and they got mad, I guess. Me and my fellow worker made it to the truck and those darn things surrounded the vehicle and kept bouncing off of the windows. What a rush!!!
  • I ran a 4.58 40 yard dash in highschool. (no pads)209 lbs.
  • &lt;<<<<< My dog in the pic there ran out of my house I had to run after her and to be honet I didnt think my legs could carry me that fast! lol
  • divisional track meet this spring, when my coach promised i could run in districts and possibly state if i ran fast enough. i really surprised him at the end.
  • Although I obiviously didn't pause to time it, I moved pretty fast at times in Vientnam! Heh!
  • When my dog got loose in the alley, and I had to chase her several blocks to keep her in sight at her speed..... that was stressful, to say the least. Got her back though!
  • When I was in my mid twenties and poked my nose into something I shouldnt have. Ended up having to run through the woods at night to get to a road about 4 miles away. Wish I would have timed that..LOL :)
  • Really lame but I was with friends playing ding dong ditch :P haha and this guy came out and started walking really fast towards us (we were hiding behind a truck) and we thought he was gonna murder us. I ran so fast my feet hardly touched the ground!
  • I ran in the Penn Relays in 2007. I was the leadoff leg in the 4x400m relay. At the starting line i was elboed and pushed and i ended up in last place. I had to sprint past 14 runners to get into 4th place and give my team a shot of winning a medal.
  • I was stuck in a freak mini-tornado when I was nine on July 4 before fireworks, and I lost my mom and ran as fast as I could into the wind. It was terrible.
  • When I was in the 7th grade I ran a mile in just under 7 minutes. There was one girl just as fast as me during the mile run for the physical fitness test. The whole time she was 3 steps ahead of me. The whole time I wanted nothing more than to finish first. So around the last bend at the last second I pulled ahead of her and finished 2 or 3 seconds ahead of her. She hated me soooo bad for that and wanted to fight me! Childish stuff- I never fought her because it just didnt make sense to me. Eventually she backed down and stopped trying to get me all worked up to fight her.
  • 5:48 mile but that was last years and I in alot better shape now well I bet i could do better now.
  • My last PT test in basic training. 2 miles in 13.45 minutes.
  • I had this car stereo under my arm one night.
  • when i got a news about my father death in a road accident.
  • Chasing a ball down a hill.
  • September 27, 2008. It was when I was trying to finish the fastest I could at my first 5K race.

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