• I don't recall the name of it (I keep it at home), but it's an antianxiety med that is fairly new. Interesting bit of info, there are studies being done currently of enzyme patterns in people so that soon they will be able to test a person to fit the best med for them. I was talking with my shrink about this just a couple of days ago. He said that it could be as soon as five years to do this. Keep in mind it is a huge project, similar to the human genome project.
  • Wellbutrin.
  • None. After a bunch of medicine I was on a few years ago zombified me, I have refused to try any more medications. I am tired of being a robot.
  • Interestingly enough one of the most popular classes of antidepressants SSRI's does not work for me. I take welbutrin for depression and vistaril for anxiety. I also use a herbal remedy called rescue remedy for anxiety. In addition to these things I use breathting techniques, meditation, prayer, and changing negative thoughts.
  • I am currently taking 5-HTP
  • I've just started on citalopram (Celexa) today
  • Well I take an antidepressant that is just a natural, over-the-counter one (I hate all the chemicals and stuff in the other ones). And it seems to work just fine for me. It's called St. John's Wort. And it can be found at any grocery store really.
  • they dont work for me, one doctor put me on them cause of headaches and i gained a lot of weight, a yr later i found out i had a sinus infection, i turned that doctor in for not checking things properly

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