• .....It's amazing what happens when we realize that God is within us as us...... Through meditation, we can go within and have this amazing discovery...... Once realized there is no more depression...only happiness...... Learn to meditate..... when our attention is placed within the Light that can be experienced, the depression cannot exist. Go here to learn to meditate
    • Roaring
      Thank you for the reminder Baba. I have been meditating for many years now. but not every day. I like your website resources, especially the mandalas. I haven't used mandalas but rarely. I will incorporate this.
  • Someone is going to give me a truck!! I'll no longer be a prisoner on a hill! I'll have my independence back! Sometimes for some people all it takes is a step up to what everyone else takes for granted! But as a suggestion for you I would encourage you to find what you love to do I know you enjoy being out in nature that probably would help you but for others it may be art or dancing or roller skating or swimming or music or dancing just whatever they really enjoy immerse yourself in it and for me prayer and reading God's word which I haven't been doing enough of lately. What things do you enjoy that you think would help? Here are some tips from Dr. Axe: OR you could chat with a friend! Feel free to email me!
  • Dips in energy and motivation are NOT depression. Activity. Workout at the gym. Kogging. Fast walking. Bike riding. Hobbies. Photography. Use a point and shoot or the camera in your phone. Or just keep making up questions.

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