• h2o two hydrogen, one oxygen
  • H2O, a couple of hydrogens and an oxygen atom
  • Water is a molecule with the formula H2O and therefore has two hydrogens and one oxygen, oxygen has two lone pair electrons in a bent formation.
  • water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (h2o)
  • H2O, two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom
  • that depends on the type of water ;_) Heavy Water Heavy water is chemically the same as regular (light) water, but with the two hydrogen atoms (as in H2O) replaced with deuterium atoms (hence the symbol D2O). Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen; it has one extra neutron. Thus the deutrium atom consists of one proton and one neutron in the atomic nucleus and one orbiting electron. It is the extra neutron that makes heavy water "heavy", about 10% heavier in fact. Heavy water is essential to the operation of Canada's CANDU nuclear power reactors; used as both a moderator and a heat transfer agent. The function of the moderator is to slow down the emitted neutrons, which increases the fission reaction rate, thus enabling a sustained chain reaction. Ordinary water is also a good moderator, but it absorbs neutrons, which is why light water reactors must use enriched fuel. The use of D2O in CANDUs makes it possible to use non-enriched natural uranium. or regular water H2O
  • As most everyone here has said water is hydrogen and oxygen. What is amazing is what these elements actually are. Hydrogen is very flammable and explosive. Oxygen aids and is used by flame to burn hotter and brighter. Together as H2O they produce water used to keep animals and plants alive. used to put out fires and a number of other uses.

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