• Can't drown with what I use
    • Linda Joy
      A child can drown if only a few TEASPOONS go down the wrong way and long after leaving the pool. All parents should read up on it!
  • yes, ive never had an issue with it
  • A unit of water is $4.11 and a unit of sewer is $5.50, for a total of $9.61. If your usage is consistent, it is normal to have a small increase occasionally as your usage
    • Linda Joy
      Those may be the rates where you are, but not here! My question was about your personal usage. Does it go up or down in cycles or seasons, etc. Water bills tend to be higher here in the summer for many.
    • Army Veteran
      All things being equal, I'm making out like a bandit on my sewer rates, but getting cheated on my water rates. I live in a basement apartment of an older house. The plumbing is "less than desirable" (to put it mildly). The neighbor upstairs does his laundry and it comes up through my tub on its way to the septic system. Currently, my toilet doesn't flush - it wants to spew everything all over the place as well. I have standing water going from my kitchen to the bathroom. Even the mice have taken to the crawlspaces overhead rather than get their little feet wet - one just tripped a trap I had set. The only room in my place that isn't wet is my bedroom. I'm looking for another landlord but at my age, finding one who won't suck every dollar out of your pocket and still be responsible enough to maintain the property is a pipe dream.
  • Yes , It doesn't vary much.
  • Pretty much the same every month.
  • Other than watering the lawn, it is pretty consistent.
  • No idea the tank is always full when I look in it, which was the reason we moved here as its always green and plenty of water the cattle are fat the sheep are fat not skin and bone like up north or out west.
  • Actually, I'm using less. Heart failure results in water retention and I was drinking too much. Doctor said to cut back.
  • Well..."consistent" in what regard, or in what time frame? For example: I don't use the same amount of water when I am taking a shower as I do when I am sleeping. Day-to-day my water usage is probably FAIRLY consistent...but I admit that sometimes I don't shower (when I am feeling very poorly), and some days I drink a lot more water than on other days (depending on what I eat, on how much I eat, on how much time I am at home, etc.)

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