• That was period blood! You said you got a really bad paper cut!
  • no, but i have stained my girl friend's sheets with smegma.
  • Not as if you meant to do it. You can prob get away with saying it's an unspoken female thing and you're sorry.
  • yes. being that he is not 5 he knows what a period is and therefore did not freak out.
  • geez-and I thought she was a virgin?
  • Nope, we grabbed a towel for that.
  • no, but it'll probably happen someday its just a fact a life
  • I resent that question. I don't have a boyfriend!
  • It wasn't his sheets it was the hotel's sheets.
  • It happens. Nothing to be pissed at.
  • My story is humiliating. And it happened last night. It was with a guy I reeally like, and we are not together. Probably never after this spectacle. So, I thought my period was gone. And so we had sex. But I was wrong! When we were done. We realized I was still bleeding. I bled on his sheets, and it bled through on his mattress! To top it off, it was on his as well. The weird thing is that he wasn't grossed out. He was a little freaked out. But he told me not to fret because it was "natural." I apologized, and tried to laugh it off. He was so cool about it though. But I am still very mortified. FAWK!
  • well i was pretty humiliated this morning, because i went to my bf's house and he didn't want to have sex with me while i was on my period, but we were both really horny so we decided to do SOMETHING. So he gace me two options. I could either give him head, or we could have anal sex. Well, i have a problem with doing anything sexual that I don't just let the guy do, so i picked anal sex. BAD idea! it hurt so bad, i wasn't ready, so as soon as he got in i def screamed for the first time ever and started crying, so he felt bad for me and gave in and we had normal sex, but i bled all over his sheets and him and myself. it was really bad, and I felt SO embarrassed, and wen we were getting dressed it was def really awkward. Thing is i had done it the nite b4 and i didn't bleed all over my truck! in fact i didn't bleed at all. it was really weird.
  • Yes, and he is a big boy about it. Just busts out the hydrogen peroxide and puts them through the wash. I might add that this is one reason to keep a towel handy.

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