• They just like to show off.
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      ....their undercarriage.
  • im not sure about that. cause ive seen male dogs, whos balls have dropped and arent snipped who squat to pee, so i think its just the personality of the dog or something and there just happens to be more male dogs who do it. im not sure though
  • The female does not have a penis and can get her urine to the ground without much effort, whereas the male does and will get urine on himself if he does not lift his leg. Apparently that became a survival characteristic early in the history of canines.
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      Thank you, Charles Darwin.
  • Dogs use their urine as a scent marker. You can think of it as a calling card, a signal letting other dogs know that they've been there. Many male dogs and some female dogs will ‘mark their territory' by urinating in many places. This establishes their scent on their territory, something that other dogs will readily pick up on. It's not exactly certain why a male dog lifts his leg. By lifting his leg, the male dog is getting his urine on a vertical surface. One theory is that these vertical surfaces allow the scent of urine to last longer than horizontal surfaces do. Another theory is that this is more noticeable to other dogs because it's closer to nose level and thus less likely to be missed. I've also heard of a third theory which seems quite plausible. You may or may not have noticed that some male dogs seem to struggle a bit while lifting their leg, giving the appearance that they're actually trying to get the urine as high as possible. Some believe that this suggests that the higher the scent of the urine, the better. One reason for this might simply be that larger dogs can clearly get the scent of their urine higher than smaller dogs, thus the higher up the scent of the urine, the larger or perhaps more imposing the owner of that scent would appear to other dogs. From:
  • A female who spends her entire life with male dogs will often try to cock her leg but, of course, the physiological differences make it a forlorn effort.
  • Because a male dog can scent an upright surface when he pees and has a penis to help do this. IF he only squatted, it isn't getting the scent up high where it can travel and be identified by other dogs as easily. A bitch only needs to squat and pee. She doesn't need to mark her territory, only leave a calling card when she is in heat. Since she has pups, it's not good for her scent to travel like a males.
  • Dude dogs lift their legs so they don't wizz on their tummies and the ladies squat for reasons of privacy. ;)
  • to show his friends how big he is! lol
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  • Males have superior dexterity.
  • 1-10-2017 Males mark territory by peeing on trees and bushes, females don't.
  • How can i lift my leg to pee in the toilet ?
  • It's the canine equivalent of men using urinals. Lol :)

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