• DON'T DO IT!!! My brother thought like you & boy did he learn a lesson!!! He bought 2...1 male & 1 female for a science project for school. His plan was to separate the males from the females once the babies started. Problem was, by the time you could tell the males from the females, the males had impregnated EVERY female in the cage. They had NO problem with the inbreeding process. In less than 3 months, we went from 2 mice to way over 200 mice!!! Then my brother started calling pet stores & they just laughed as they had a full inventory themselves. He then started checking with local high schools & colleges & he couldn't even GIVE them away!!! They were ALL attacking each other NO matter the sex, so it was like a free-for-all!!! He didn't have the heart to kill them himself; however, he did find a guy whose passion was raising snakes & he gave them to him for snake food. By that point he had around 500 mice. Don't know how long it took the snake guy to feed 500 mice to his snakes or what actually happened after that point.
  • Ok. first of all mice don't have enough brain to reason and they don't miss their kids when they leave. You are assigning human qualities to mice that they don't even have the brain power to comprehend. Obviously you are a child. And Majik is right they will breed. DO NOT KEEP THEM TOGETHER! If you get babies give them to pet stores or snake/lizard owners.

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