• There won't be. It's going to be a king. Most probably, Charles. Ick. Ah....I forgot about a queen being *married* to the king. Stupid me.
  • G'day Static, Thank you for your question. I don't know who the next queen as in monarch will be. There is a long line of men in line for the throne. The next queen as in wife of the king will either be Camilla or Kate Middleton. Regards
  • The throne of England isn't inherited by the women, but simply the next one with the highest rank. That'll probably her oldes son, whatever his name his (I dont know which one of the two is oldest)
  • I think Charles is heir apparent to the throne then William. Camelface should never be queen
  • The Royal Family is outdated and should be abolished. Saying that Prince Charles is next in line, then William then Harry. Maybe ol Liz will live another 30 years, who knows.
  • The males come first then its age so the queens kids will be Charles Andrew Edward Ann comes last even though shes not the youngest
  • At the moment it's impossible to tell. There are too many male heirs for a woman to be able to inherit the throne, so there is no likelihood that there will be a hereditary Queen in the foreseeable future. The wife of a King is normally given the title of Queen but the current situation is that when Prince Charles becomes King his wife will not be given that title. If that remains the case the next Queen would be the wife of Prince William, when he eventually becomes King.

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