• Same reason for Pizza. Great hot or cold, drab at room temp.
  • Just accept that it is, and that you will never understand.
  • when coffee gets cold, it's because it hasn't been consumed in a while- it's stale when coffee is iced, it is prepared, then poured over ice right away, so it's sitll fresh.
  • Cold coffee has been just sitting around. It tastes different than ice coffee which is made to be consumed cold immediately. It isn't old tired coffee.
  • Great question (((POLICE))), one that I never thought about before. It's just like cold tea. I love hot tea and iced tea, but tea that has been sitting there for awhile has oxidized with the air, making it old and stale. But you're right, if I was working in a coffee shop, and I was too "irritated" to make iced coffee for a crabby customer, why not take a pot of old, cold coffee, pour it over a bunch of ice cubes, cream, and sugar, and serve it as "delicious iced coffee"? Do you think anyone could tell the difference? I mean, if they're thirsty and desperate enough, they'd drink anything and say it's delicious! Just add extra sugar and top it off with a little whip cream and shaved chocolate bits----Why not?? Anyone would buy it!! It's all in the packaging! HEHEHE!!
  • actually ((((my favourite copper))) i DO drink cold coffee.. im one of those people who make a cup of coffee, then go away and do something - come back and have some - then go away and do something etc etc.. this goes on all day!! so im forever drinking cold coffee, and i love it!
  • To me, there is no difference. Unless coffee is hot (or at least very warm) it is GROSS!!
  • bah. You probably eat 30 "Hot Dogs" every month, yet you have never eaten a labrador, be it hot or cold. Having said this, if you eat Chinese you probably did have labrador sometimes so my point is moot after all.
  • Coffee sucks! It is not cold coffee. It is luke warm coffee. Nothing is good luke warm...nothing.
  • I'm more like MM. I drink mine no matter what temperature it is. I also don't care if it's fresh or old. I put left over coffee in the refrigerator, and heat it up in the morning, but let it go room temp over time.
  • I'll drink it cold if it's from good beans. I hate iced coffee. They always seem to put milk and alot of sugar in it. Can you get it w/o those ingredients?
  • I prefer it hot or iced, it just tastes better. I drink it luke warm at work all day because that is just the way it happens.
  • When I DO drink coffee, I prefer it hot to start with... If it cools down to cold (and I HAVE had it happen), I like IT, too. Actually, I like very FEW drinks "iced", except fountain pop. COLD is a different story. Ice tends to water down my drinks before I'm done with them. COLD have the full flavor without being watered down. ;-)
  • warm liquids leave a scientific mind to believe that it is contaminated

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