• I kiss my stuffed animal sheep before I go to bed. :)
  • I go to a local thrift store on Sunday, around noon, I rarely ever buy anything... But I still go, almost every week...
  • I have to kiss the mail before I drop it into the box.
  • I come on AB to answer questions nearly every day
  • When my stomach growls, I punch it in an attempt to make it shut-up. I hate hunger.
  • I give my forearms and the top of my hands a puff of my warm breath, then smell the skin (I only like to do this when I've been outside for awhile and my arms and hands have been exposed to fresh air and sun.) It's not a bad smell----on the contrary, it's a pleasant smell. Okay, I know that's bizzare!! Lol.
  • .i have to eat certain foods in even numbers and sometimes the same color .i talk on the phone nearly every night .on the radio in my car, i have to press the preset buttons in order like 1 2 3 4 5 6. if there's something on the second that i want to hear but i'm on the 3rd, then i have to hit 4 5 6 1 before i go back to 2...odd...i know
  • I can't start cooking in the kitchen until all of the dirty dishes are put in the dishwasher and the counters are all clean. A bit redundant, I know.
  • I check to make sure my books and my DVD collection are both in alphabetical order--books by auther, DVD by title--at least once a week.
  • I like to sniff brand new money that I get from the bank.
  • When I set my alarm, I have to turn it off and then on again to make sure it's 'on'. I used to do it several times, but now I'm down to once if I really try. Who'd have thought there was so much OCD behavior on AB?!
  • telly volume has to be even, glasses have to be upside down and i smell clean washing
  • i have to have something in one of my pockets.....have no clue y....=/
  • I have to have the eggs in the box in a pattern/order, so if there are 3 left out of 6 they have to either all be on the back row or all be on the front. There can never be just one in a 12 box for example, so if there will be I have to either eat one moore or on less to keep the box even. There are varying degrees of annoyance though, if it is totally out of kilter I have to sort it out or I wont be able to think of anything else, I can let a pattern that is imperfect, but not too bad too slide, (eg.T shape in a six box, but i'd prefer two on each end.) I do a couple that are already mentioned, but this is my main one... Its the only orderly thing that I really do so far in my life. I think.
  • serial killing. I cant see the problem but my therapist keeps going on about it
  • I have many, though I will list a few of them. I like sitting indian style, and then I tend to rest my chin on my right hand when I am focusing or thinking.
  • I always take a book with me everywhere I go - shopping, visiting friends, on holiday, in the bath. I feel lost without one. When I was a teenager I used to take one to parties - I never read it (I'm not anti-social) but I always took one. It's kind of a phobia about being bored I think.
  • playing video games
  • Biting my lip ): Saying "God bless you" when I sneeze. hah. I always do it in my head now, but the one time I forgot, I said it when I was on the phone with my mom, and she embarrassed me about it. Lol?
  • I chew "invisible" gum.
  • i can't sit still, i'm always moving my feet or shifting my legs or bouncing my feet up and down. it drives my best friend insane! :)
  • I clean classrooms for my part time job during school and I have to have all of the individual desks line up using the floor tiles in every room I clean. Strange, but I can't stop!
  • I stick out my tongue and wiggle it quickly side to side whenever I'm happy.
  • dont have any

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