• First and foremost, the best way to stay awake in class is to get a good night's sleep before you go to class. I find that that always helps me to stay alert no matter how boring whatever it is that I am doing is. The second thing would be to work on taking notes. When you are taking notes you have to be more alert than you do when you are just sitting there. Additionally, the notes will help you when it comes time to study for the tests.
  • Make sure you understand what you're doing. A lot of the time, students get bored and sleepy because they don't understand the work. At least if you understand it you might have some chance finding it interesting and staying awake! Try not to day dream either. I often found that I used to get closest to falling asleep when I was day dreaming.
  • I've found drinking cup after cup of coffee helps.
  • Ah, but even with a good night's sleep I can be found nodding off at the back of my humanities class. Coffee, sugar and toothpicks in the eyes like out of the clockwork orange. Personally, I would prefer sleep
  • Good cold spring water on hand! It works wonders for concentration and fatigue. If you've already tried everything else here and are still having difficulty, add a bottle of cold spring water to the equation. It helps oxygenate the blood, and keep your brain awake. Most classrooms have really dry air too so you could be getting dehydrated without even knowing it. Whenever I find myself yawning in the middle of the day, I take that as my body's signal to me, straining for more oxygen. I drink a bottle of spring water and it has proved to be the fastest, most reliable cure. If that doesn't work, you need more sleep or to see a doctor.
  • Get mentally involved. Take notes, outline the lecture, write follow-up questions to yourself, participate in discussions, think of ways that the topic is relevant to your life, and sit up front. Nothing will keep you awake like knowing you are being watched.
  • Me too...getting a good night's sleep is great advice.
  • sleep every night at list 8 hrs and dark bitter chocolate some time helps!
  • To add to everyone else's suggestions, what I have found to work best for me is to have a cold bottle of water on hand. It helps keep me alert and attentive through even 1.5 hour long lectures. Longer than 1.5 hours long, nope I'm fast asleep ;)
  • doodel or draw
  • Well here's what I do... Chew a piece of minty gum, or maybe just have a stong mint. Mint has been shown to "wake people up," and it works for me. Do not put your head down or slouch/lean all over the desk. Everytime I do this, I catch myself sleeping or just about to doze off. Stretch here and there. Nothing big or distracting... just like, take your arms and stretch them behind your neck. Ask to go get a drink of water when you are able to do so without missing anything important. Not only will the cold water wake you up, like Davoomac said, but you're also going to liven up a little after walking there and back.
  • take a packet of crystal light with you. when ever you feel sleepy eat a pinchful. i've found that the sour taste really wakes you up!
  • A couple of people suggested cold water, which I also find handy. If you're allowed to eat in class munching on protein rich foods such as cashews or pumpkin seeds can also help. Also good to get a good nights sleep and not eat a stodgy meal before hand (nothing like sausage and mash to send you into a doze) If you've had a heavy night and all else fails a cup of strong black coffee and some sweet chocolate can help - but don't rely on it too often or you won't be able to sleep at night, thus making the problem even worse!
  • Take classes that interest you and which are taught by professors or teachers with a reputation for making class interesting (assuming you have some choice in the matter).
  • Drink coffee... Pinch yourself... Ask someone to keep you awake if you sleep... Jog around before going to school... (JUST FIN A WAY YOURSELF!!!)
  • wiggle your toes
  • fall asleep and dream about your classroom.
  • Sitting in front is the solution that worked best for me.
  • How old are you? The news had a segment on grades and sleep yesterday. Turns out 80% of high school kids tht get 9 hrs a night are A-B students. And you KNOW they didn't get those grades catnapping in school!

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