• I think you're blessed that they remember your birthday. And when you get the email from your aunt and uncle I think you should give them a call and thank them. Resentment is a poison that kills you. I think you should see your birthday as a wonderful opportunity to stay in touch. At least you have that! When they're gone there will be nothing left but the memories you made when you had the opportunity which seems to only be on your birthday.
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      well said!
  • Don't take it too badly.Some people just aren't good at contacting people. I have to admit I'm like that myself. But don't think that they have necessarily forgotten you. They just don't realize how important it is for you that they contact you. You seem to be very lonely. Don't you have many friends? Is it difficult to find friends where you live? I live in France so I don't know much about life in America.
  • You handle it with class and manners. You take the calls as if you talked to them yesterday. You exchange pleasantries. You hang up when it's over and you smile and realize you are all still speaking and its 365 more days before you have to take 15 minutes out of your life to take another phone call. There are no guarantees that life is going to be fair. There is also no proof that all hope is gone. So as long as you are still talking there is hope.
  • My opinion is take the phone off the hook or forward your number to unknown number on your Birthday..It is ridiculous how horrible they teeat you and trust my words you deserve better..
  • Happy Birthday whenever it is.
  • Send it to voice mail.
  • One day, maybe 20 years from now, the phone won't ring anymore. Then when your birthday comes around, you'll be sitting there all alone with a far-away look in your eyes and memories of the family you no longer have. Be thankful for what you've got now because it won't always be there.

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