• I would arrange for him to raise my pay, grant the VIP GOD OF GOLD benefits package, appoint me as the new CEO and fire himself afterwards. Obviously.
  • The boss at my last job? For him to know what it is like to not be rich. He is, as in huge house, several cars, able to buy whatever he wants... It would be nice to see him have a come-down and see what it is like to have to work for a living.
  • That I become his boss!
  • I hate my boss. But not enough to wish bad things for him. In fact, I want something good happen to him. I wish he got promoted to vice president. And assigned to open up a new branch in Cambodia. So I could take his place.
  • That he/she would be a very happy person..then I would be treated well and fairly and so would the other employees and that would make us all happy! :)
  • That he would get a promotion because of me and be grateful and remember that when it comes my turn for a promotion he would recommend me for the position.
  • I hope she finally stops seeing a married man at the office.
  • He would realize that I am not secretly in love with him and never will be. I would love to see the look on his face one he figures that out. ~+~
  • I would wish the President/CEO would have a streak of luck that puts him at the top of the game when the market turns around. (he's my dad by the way)
  • I want him to take me with him to China! And give me more money!
  • I want her to stop being a man-hater.
  • To step in an open pit full of the same type snakes as he is! Venomous and Deadly!!!
  • Make him polite and stop him from shouting at everyone.
  • That the medication she is on is shrinking her pituitary adenoma, and she will not need cranium surgery.
  • There are few people in the world I would wish bad for. My boss is not one of them. I'd give him a month's vacation. The guy is all out and he's GOT to be salaried!
  • Arrange for him to become filthy rich. The more he has the more I get yo...
  • Okay, I thought about this for a while... this is what I got: I don't want to wish ill on someone, so just let him win the lottery BIG! Big enough so he quits his job and no one has to deal with him anymore. How 'bout them apples???
  • Good ...Very good ..He is a nice person ...I wish I could have helped him in marrying his girlfriend ...But it's too late now :-)
  • I would wish for a cure to be found for his autoimmune disease that makes him very sick sometimes and that it will be on the subsidised list soon enough to do him some good. He is a really top chap and it's a shame he is suffering and being sick so much.
  • Well my ex boss was a pure b*****d, treated his staff terrible, I didn't even get my well deserved bonus that he promised. He drove round in a flash car that I just would of loved to have petrol bombed as it was his pride and joy. Then one night someone actually did do it over, I guess another member of staff that hated him too. They poured paint stripper over the entire car and keyed it. If I could of arranged something else to happen to him then I would of loved to have been the person recording his reaction when he found his precious car in that state....... proper Youtube stuff no doubt :D

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