• You might get your wishes but in the long run they may become unpleasant and totally bad. Receiving anything from and evil genie (demon) is always bad although on the surface and in the beginning it might sound and look good. Trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will win.
  • Certainly, you are calling out to unclean and deceiving spirits. If you think it's a game, evil spirits exist as part of the hierarchy of evil.
  • Why do you think evil genies exist? You can wish all you like the reality is nothing will ever happen.
  • In One Thousand Nights and a Night we see several evil djinn in various stories. They would simply kill you. Indeed: they would likely be momentarily confused by you making demands on them, but then they would kill you.
  • Your subconscious will pick up on the word evil, hence you will create a negative experience, no matter how appealing it is, self defeating.

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