• I'm not afraid of either, but I do like snakes alot more than spiders :)
  • I'm not the least bit afraid of snakes, but I am extremely afraid of spiders.
  • Snakes I can not stand them
  • a rattle snake deserves my respect. a grass snake i will try to catch. i picked up a huge black snake once. my cousin started screaming. spiders you dont know about. i raised black widow spiders for a couple of years. we kept our distance. its the brown recluse that can run and bite. like up your pants leg. and the hobo spider lives outdoors in giant colonies...they can run up your pants too. a black widow does not run.
  • Neither one. Good snakes and spiders keep pests down. The poisonous kinds of snakes and spiders want nothing to do with humans. I know for sure that there are black-widow spiders living in the lids of the city-owned trashcans in our alley. They don't want to encounter me. Two days ago, at the Living Desert museum in Palm Springs, I learned that close to 100 percent of rattlesnake-bite are inflicted on young MALES who are DRUNK. These critters don't want to hurt you. Just leave them alone.
  • Did you see "Snakes on a Plane?" Enough said...I don't know if I'm more afraid of snakes or Samuel Jackson nowadays.
  • in Australia we have most of the worlds most poisonous snakes and spiders so you learn very quickly not to play around with any of them... but I don't mind either really ...I leave them alone , they leave me alone ..except for the brown snake ..they will chase you just because they are cranky buggers
  • Spiders...eek!
  • It depends on the size. If the snake is very small it doesn't bother me much. However, even a pretty large spider can scare the heck out of me. I really have a terrible deal with spiders. Terrible!
  • Snakes. I've personally killed some spiders.
  • I would have to say spiders,i have handled a few snakes but couldnt pick a spider up at all.
  • I'm not afraid of spiders or snakes.
  • Snakes.More than being afraid, I hate them.
  • me spiders!! ahhhh!!
  • spiders
  • I'm more afraid of snakes
  • Neither
  • 5-21-2017 Around here we live with snakes and spiders. Black widows like to hang out in old newspapers, so you just stay away from old newspapers when you see them. Rattlesnakes do not like dirt thrown on them, so if you see one where you want to walk, you just flick dirt at him until he slithers away. Nothing to be afraid of. Cops are more of a problem because they are unpredictable and it's a crime to defend yourself.
  • Neither. I have a healthy respect for the venomous snakes and the deadly spiders but I don't fear them. I avoid them, and I'd protect others from them. Frankly you're more likely to be killed by your neighbor than a spider or a snake
  • snakes
  • snakes 4 sure
  • Snakes. I've killed spiders before by stepping on them.
  • you have to try pretty hard for them to bite you. or be very unlucky. Ive been under houses and had spiders crawl across my face and snakes slither over my legs and they didn't bite me. while rewiring old houses.
  • I fear both spiders and snakes since both animals include poisonous species.
  • Spiders; there are no poisonous snakes where I live. I have been bitten on the ankle by a recluse spider once which left a hole (until it healed) and the flesh around it was hot, like a fever. When I swept my front sidewalk after cutting the grass last week I noticed what I thought was a worm until I saw it raise its head, at which point I realized it was a baby snake. The disturbing thing about snakes is they tend to act fearless until you show them who's boss; I usually bat them with a broom a few times if they're not babies.
  • Cows kill more people than both of them combined, dogs kill more people than any combination of two of the above, and bees and wasps kill more people than dogs and cows summed up. Humans kill more humans than all of those things combined, by a few orders of magnitude. So I'm mainly afraid of humans.

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