• I am an optimist by far (except sometimes alone in my own thoughts). I'd like to say I'm a realist like the Buddhist monk I asked this same question to while visiting Korea 20yrs ago.
    • Ice man
      For the most part I consider myself an optimist as well, but it seems I can't always eat all the grapes, before a couple spoil. : )
  • Happy am I still breathing Body still working full of light Life is good...haha
  • I've been a realist for quite some time now. Still a realist.
  • Naturist.
    • Ice man
      As in ... exploring the beauty of nature, wearing only your birthday suit and sandals ? : )
    • Lilo Avli
      No, wearing sandals is cheating.
  • Optimist
  • More optimist..With my health and environment if I looked realistically at it,I won't last a week,so I'm thankful to have food,water and shelter. Also I am alive and will be for quite awhile.

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