• tea bag them when they fall asleep at their desk.
  • i have a place in the woods for them,
  • I used to work in a restaurant and there are always co-workers you don't get along with. So, if I started to clash with people I would pull them aside and say, "Look, I don't like you, and I doubt you like me. So, unless it has something to do with work, and is very important; just don't talk to me and I'll return the favor." That usually works pretty well.
  • Patience. Always tell yourself that you are better then them, and you shouldn't drop to their level.
  • I wish I knew, then I would know how to handle the one I work with. :{
  • If it's just a matter of an annoying or negative attitude, I respond by being civil and cordial, nothing more, and ignore it. This usually bores them and they leave me alone.
  • I have a short book, now out of print but accessable, that I suggest clients read. "The Art of Getting Your Own Sweet Way"
  • Take them outside and have them shot at midday....just joking. Luckily my co-worker so to speak is my car. As an outside/on the road sales engineer I do not have to deal with office politics.
  • tell your boss he/she is stealing office supplies
  • Ask them what the problem is then try and sort it out this usually works.
  • I ignored the ones I worked with that were difficult. When that doesn't work just tell them to leave you alone or give back to them what they give to you. More than likely they will not like being on the receiving end and they will back off.
  • "Take some powdered sugar,broken pieces of mothballs, put'em in little bags & Call the cops on'em.
  • talk with them and let them know I will help them if I can... If that does not work I ask them to leave... I am one of the Partners so we do not have too many problems at the office.. I make sure we have a good time and make money... even in the mortgage business and NO WE donot and will not put people in bad loans. We turned away business over the past 4 years because I did not like the persons situation.... That is why we are still in business.. caring for employees and clients!!! Gee funny how that works ... eh
  • As a supervisor if they cause alot of problems they will be fired, I dont tolerate trouble makers at all.
  • Know when to stand up, when to back down, when to say something and when not to. If they dont technically do anything wrong but still get under your skin, either ignore or avoid them.
  • Calmly and rationally. Patience in dealing with difficult people is key.
  • Generally with latent hostility and pervasive proof of error in their methodology. In general I'm a nice guy though I hear.
  • "kill them with kindness" I'm so nice they have no choice but to be nice in return; if they aren't then they look like the jerks they really are. and ignore them as much as possible. I don't need the drama.
  • keep your pimp hand strong and give em a good slap. just joking.
  • don't. Just act like they are too small and petty to pay any attention to.
  • ignore them as much as possible..i do it all the time..i would with alot of whinners,backstabbers..ect i got to work do the best i can and go are there to get a check not to make friends
  • wear a headset radio
  • I would try and ignore him/her , and if it doesnt work, tell them u are working and u are not interested in arguing or having problems
  • How? By not giving them a difficult time.

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