• Tough question! It's so hard to give worthwhile replies like this, my reflex reaction is, what is their father doing to control his 9 and 11yo kid's bad behaviour towards a little 5yo? If he truly has as much interest in your relationship as you say you have, surely he also will see what is going on and also wanting to resolve this destructive problem. This is only an initial response, you are welcome to reply back.
  • If I had a Child Age 5...getting picked on by two Children age 9 and 11 I would be telling them to leave my Child alone...It's sad when kids are unruly and cause problems ....My Child would come first !!!!
    • Steven Bell
      well your like my dad
  • Your job in life is to protect your child. You have to use your judgement, of course, but if these older kids are as bad as the short paragraph makes them sound, you will need to step in.

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