• cause noone likes that
  • It's not fair to generalize like that. That's not a cultural thing, it's human being thing. Some do, some don't.
  • It is hard to answer a question that is blatantly biased and just plain wrong. It seems that you’ve been hurt by someone in particular and you are seeking comfort, however, your way of finding comfort may be counterproductive to your ultimate goal. People are mean and inconsiderate because of satan’s influence on humankind, not because of race or culture. (2Tim 3:1-5). I’m sorry that you were mistreated. I hope that you come to terms with your situation and are able to move forward. You can rise above your adversaries if choose to allow God to influence your behavior. Don’t flatter bad people by imitating their egotistical actions.
  • I am European. I feel like everything I do must be done with "excellence" and "professionalism." That'd be how I live, at the workplace and how I carry myself. It is not that Europeans are aggressive and very rude. For your information, they don't tolerate "clumsiness," especially if they are Italians or Germans. I'm not saying we are perfect, but we strive for perfection. Don't be surprised if you feel reprimanded again. Something inspired you to ask a polemic question. It sounds more of a personal issue on your behalf.
  • I'm pretty sure you haven't met EVERY European and so can't evaluate them all. Sweeping generalizations make your accusation a lie by default. Also I seriously doubt you have the credentials to diagnose anyone 'delusional'.
  • I think you need to talk to more of them I have talked to many and some are like that but many aren't.
  • Trump must be European.
  • Most generalizations are not true and Europe is comprised of many different countries. It's usually the individual. Can you provide more details? Did you have a bad travel experience?

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