• it depends what you mean by teenagers. - if i had kids and it was my kid. You even try smoothly making out with her and you'd loose limbs. lol - arn't you lucky i don't have kids... or a girlfriend so no prospect of kids
  • The best way is to let her start, but to do that is to make her want it, which requires pationt preparation, a night of romantic fun, a nice dinner, a walk in the park, followed by a movie at one of your houses, then a little creative hand holding, maybe an arm around the neck (during a boring part in the movie) and see where she'll take it. But if you're not old enough to understand the real goal of a romantic night out, you should figure some things out from your own side before you're trying to get involved with an innocent friend of yours. What i is that going through all the hassle of a nic romantic time should'nt be to get some gil to make out with you, it should be because you really care about her and are trying to initiate something more special than you already have with her.

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