• I can't speak for other women, but I don't see it either way. I see myself as god's gift to ONE man, not all of them... gross.
  • cause their families probably taught them to think that way
  • I don't. I project both images from time to time, usually because of what I think I need at the time and more often in a joking manner than any crisis of self image. You addressed women in particular. Why is your observation strictly for women? I've found these same traits in men. And why does how women feel about themselves affect you? And why is this in the life and society category instead of psychology or psychiatry? I'm just exploring the psychology of the ENTIRE question.
    • Linda Joy
      And its 'their' not 'there'.
  • Why does it have to be the extreme either way? And I surely don't think that's all women.
  • thats just the way sorne of thern are

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