• Art: The masters were mostly "self taught" - meaning they pretty much picked up a pencil and pad and started sketching then later on added color via paint. Today if you have an interest/talent you can attend school to learn all the techniques and types and what not. House painting: Pretty easy, get a brush and start slapping it on - you will eventually figure out ways to do it "better". ;-)
  • Just get up and do it, and practice, practice, practice. Whether you have your own ideas for paintings, or want to copy famous paintings to get into the habit, practice makes perfect.
  • Find inspiration by another artist, seek for a certain artstyle that you're interested in and try that out. That's what I did when I first began drawing. :)
  • Thank you so much to those of you who shared your thoughts and opinions to my question. I do appreciate the insite and will begin to put these into practice.
  • I don't know what type of painting you are looking to do but this guy was really amazing and did some fantastic work with very basic methods, Unfortunately he passed away a few years back. He is a very good place to start though. Anything you do to better yourself or is admirable in my opinion. Even if you aren't very good at it at first (you'll get better) it sounds like a relaxing and enjoyable pastime. In case the link does not work look up "Bob Ross" He used to have a show on PBS and he is gone now but his instructional DVD's and Video's are a very good place to start.
  • Check out The Conni Gordon 4 step Instant Art Method, that will help you learn to paint in minutes. Here's her website
  • get supplies. if you don't know what supplies are good to for a starter, i'm sure there's some info out there on that. you could take an art class & they would just tell you what you need for that class. or, you could just hit up an art store & i'm sure people could help you there. then, get painting! don't be afraid to try new mediums & mix different things together. you don't have to follow convention. some of the best pieces i have seen had all kinds of different things on the canvas & some didn't even involve canvas. don't be afraid to make a mistake & just try to have fun with it!! i think this is actually the most important part. if you keep practicing, you will get better, but if you stress too much about trying to get everything just so - you might take the fun out of it. and if you take the fun out of it, you'll probably not want to paint so much. enjoy! (:

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