• OMG! Dont touch pork! Check this...!
  • I usually just bake them in the oven, and then pour a chipotle sauce over them once they're out. Very simple and tasty. My wife throws them in the slowcooker surrounded by baked beans, honey, and brown sugar. Also very, very good, and very, very simple.
  • Season with an even combo of garlic salt, black pepper, and cumin (I mix mine all together in a salt shaker). Melt some butter onto it, or EVOO works. Shake the seasoning on both sides. Fire up the barbecue and watch the neighbors flock to your front porch for a free dinner. Serve with corn on the ole cob and baked potatoes, and eat it up like a king or premier or whatever type of leader you like.
  • I love to pan fry with salt pepper and garlic powder in a little bit of browned butter. Very simple very quick, very tasty. If you pick the right pork chops, bone in of course they come out very juicy, not dry and lots of flavor:-) I love to scrape the pan drippings out over some mashed potatoes.
  • I've fried them like pork steak or breaded tenderloin (lots of restaurants use "boneless pork chops" for that), grilled them, and my wife uses breading (Shake-n-bake or homemade) and bakes them.
  • I really like to cook them in the crock pot. I HATE dry pork chops.
  • Honey , Garlic and Rosemary Salt and Ground Black Pepper Either fried or roasted in a broiler pan very slowly with a little water which will give you a great gravy base.
  • Drain 1 large can sour kraut. Dump into 9x15x2inch deep baking dish. Spread out into an even ''bed''. Coat 6 or 8 chops with bread crumbs (no egg wash) and lay into bed. Dump 1 medium jar (25oz) apple sauce over the top and spread evenly. Put 1/2 cup water in Apple sauce jar and shake. Dump that over the top as well. Bake uncovered in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes (uncovered). I add onions to the bed sometimes as well.
  • I grill them then just before they are ready to come off the grill, I take half a can of cranberry sauce and glaze them. The other half the the cranberry sauce I place on the table as a condiment. Yum!
  • Breaded and pan fried served with saur kraut cooked in the pan drippings and mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmmmm. My favorite meal. :)
  • Love to shake and bake them, if I cannot grill them. It is fast, and easy, and with the shake and bake, sometimes you can add a few spices with it, to add aditional flavor.
  • My wife makes a blackened pork chop that is nectar of the gods. The first time she invited me to dinner at her house I tasted this delicacy and I never left.
  • I enjoy pork chops a number of different ways. But, 2 of my favorite pork chop recipes are baked and grilled. For baking pork chops, I use the baked pork chop recipes on ichef. For grilling pork chops, I use the grilled pork chop recipes on ichef. This one includes a tasty cinnamon-apple relish. Hope you try and like'em!
  • Put them in a Reynolds Oven Bag wtih vegetables and seasonings on the meat, add a little wine and cook them at 400 for roughly an hour. Absolutely wonderful.
  • shake and bake or bbq.
  • Ok, I'm Puerto Rican so I'll give you a spanish recipe, Take some fresh garlic put it in a blender add alittle bit of water, olive oil and a tiny bit of salt. Wash the pork chops of course before anything. put about 3 teaspoons of vinegar on the chops. alittle bit o lemon juice, sprinkle pork chops with some Adobo, garlic powder, black pepper, and sazon (both sides) when you're done add the fresh garlic and smear it all over them with your hands for even distribution and put them in the oven.
  • Cover them with pesto
  • i use 0 calorie parkay (butter substitute) spray and coat the chops, then fry them on low heat turning them every few minutes, re-spraying the top side after each time i turn them, until they are done inside and they are slightly crispy on the outside...the buttery taste fried into the chops is great, and, best of all, no additional calories...
  • I fry them (without water or oil) and just sprinkle some seasoning on it. Usually some seasoning salt or some sort of garlic blend.
  • Oh man. you HAVE to try this. I marinate them like crazy (I'll share the recipe... but shhhh. don't tell anyone) AUNTIE CHELSEA'S MYSTERY SAUCE italian dressing - like half a bottle bunch of lime juice cajun seasoning curry powder adobo - only a bit... too much makes it way too salty garlic pepper half an onion (scallions work great, too) brown sugar marinate for like ... a day then I put those in a casarole dish, and pop them in the oven on 350 degrees takes like 45 minutes. delicious
  • couple ways. If i'm lazy i toss em in a casserole dish with a can of campbells cream of mushroom and bake for 40 minutes. But I'm RARELY lazy in the kitchen. so, Using thick chops, Brown them on both side on pretty high heat in just a tiny bit of olive oil(do not use a nonstick pan, you need the fond).They won't be done yet. Remove them to a plate/bowl/pan/foil. Add 1 cup dry white wine and 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar. Scrape the tasty brown stuff off the bottom and reduce liquid by half. stir in a couple cups of your favorite mushroom and cook until tender. Turn off heat and add 1 tbsp whole unsalted butter(stir). if mixture seems like it may dry out with more heat add a little more wine. Add chops back to pan and bake at 350 until desired doneness(depends on thickness). Plate and spoon mushroom sauce over chops. Enjoy!
  • I love to cook them on a charcoal grill like a steak.
  • I have several recipes, but the one that results in the tenderest, juiciest pork chops is a simple braising recipe. After browning the chops, I place them in a roasting pan and pour over them a mixture of chicken broth, Dijon mustard, and some other items. I braise in the oven for a time. The result is always delicious. Most of my pork chop recipes involve a form of braising. These days, when pork is bred to be so lean, it's really necessary.

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