• Good question. I would never ask my significant other to carry my handbag. It's for me to carry. He looks rather silly carrying it. Only in case of an emergency.
  • Do they??? ive never seen a man carrying a womans handbag for her, and i certainly wouldnt ask my hubby to carry mine haha!!! He carries grocery bags for me, but thats about it!
  • I won't let mine carry my handbag because it just doesn't match his shoes and that makes him look strange.
  • Either to make him look silly, or because the handbag is heavy
  • I have been asked to, "please hold my purse/handbag for a minute while I go".... and have done so, but with trepidation. I really think women should not ask this "favor". They have no idea....
  • Well, they might need another spare hand to try on clothes or something. Anyone ever think about that?
  • Why do little girls enjoy having little boys carry their school books? Same reason. They think it means respect. And, well, it does (if not forced).
  • I don't know if I enjoy it so much.My husband will hold it for me if I need help.I'll also carry some of his stuff in my purse if he needs me to.
  • I never could see the point in that. As if we just can't figure out what to do with our own purse that we have to make some guy look like a big doofus carring a woman's accessory. Some women love to have that helpless, "I need a man" feel.
  • I don't enjoy my Husband carrying my handbag especially as he already has one of his own to carry.
  • Because they pack them so full of crap they weigh a ton! And... women like to get the men to deal with heavy and gross work.
  • I try to avoid this, since men only embarrass you when they carry your purse. Either they hold it out like it's a dead animal, or they wrap the strap around their shoulders as if someone might mistake it for a backpack. Or they sling it on, and mince around, asking you if it goes with this season's colors. Asking them to get something out of your purse is even worse. They get scared and have this look of caution, like it's been booby trapped to explode tampons at them.
  • Many times while "power shopping" the clearance sales with my wife I become the "pack mule." I'll carry her purse and hold everything she pulls off the racks, dresses, skirts, tops, intimates, etc. She's not concerned what others think and neither am I.
  • I still refuse to do this. Why the hell do you need a handbag anyways? It isn't like you're wearing a dress without pockets today.
  • 'Cause it's fun to watch them squirm sometimes. :-)
  • Personally I don't ask my husband to unless it's absolutely necessary wich isn't often. I guess that really did'nt answer your question so I'd say that some wommen are testing boundaries, are territorial, are trying or suceeded in "whipping" their man, or feel that doing so is a show of commitment. I think it's mostly territorial.

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