• 99.9 % of the time...The only time I don't is when the question has ruffled my feathers (in a negative way) and I then answer to drop my 2 cents. As in blatant offensive questions. Other than that, I ALWAYS leave points :)
  • I always mean to but some time I forget to. If I answer before I give the points sometimes I just keep going surfing questions. (I remembered this time)
  • I leave max points to EVERY** question I answer ** except when it comes to yahoo trolls
  • If I answer, I leave points! Even if I don't agree. I've noticed many questions lately with 10 or 15 answers and only 9 points, or 11 points, or something similar. If it's good enuff to warrant a response, why not (at least) give a point?
  • not always but usually. because i think the question is usually intriguing - hence i answer it
  • Sometimes I even leave points if I think the question is interesting, even if I have no answer.
  • Always, without exception, unless I am out of pts. for the asker and then I make a pt. to come back later and give the points to them. Absolutely. I will also say that I give points to more questions that I do not answer than those that I do answer. Just because I do not have a good answer or it is not in my line of thought does not mean it is not a good question that needs to be acknowledged.
  • Only if no one else has yet.
  • yes, if they respond to me.
  • I always give points for a question I answer.
  • Sometimes I jump right into answering and forget to leave points. Then, if I get comments, I go back to read 'em and think, "Dang! Did I give this person points?" Then I do if I already didn't and then I wonder if asker thinks I don't give points unless they comment which isn't the case at all... Well, you get the idea.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I do that, too!
  • Absolutely always. If I didn't do it, it was a terrible mistake. Even if I don't exactly agree with the asker, I will give points.
  • Yes, always.
  • 5-16-2017 I usually do not bother, but I will click it if I think the question is better than average. (The average is pretty low.)
  • At first I only clicked the like button when I really really liked a question or an answer I didn't understand about the points associated and didn't even know there was a leader board until I was told that I was on it. I just like answering questions if I can. But I've learned that some people like to get thumbs up for their questions and answers so I try and remember to do that for them, but there are some that I just can't like and it's not because I don't like the person but it's difficult for me to like a question when someone's being abused or is suicidal it just seems like I can't like that. I have to dislike an answer not to give it a thumbs up on one of my questions, though sometimes I do just simply forget.
  • And I notice all these people saying they give points and you didn't have any until I liked your question!! How funny! !
    • Ice man
      No, it's not funny because the "Q" is a very old one (from the archives) (which I have a problem with in the first place - what's in the past should stay there) and when this "Q" was current - it had points and so did all the people who answered it. Now it's been brought back and everyone has zero. In the old days we could give up to 5 points (you'll notice on some answers you'll see a +5). Then the asshole, that ran the show at the time, decided to enable negative points and the morons & trolls had a field day taking away everybody's points. In the end they went to the "Facebook" style thumbs up and capped it at 1 point - How original of them !
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for educating me. I wouldn't like the idea of negative points either! I understand better now.
    • Linda Joy
      Would you rather older questions be re-asked for discussion than answering the old ones? And how do you know how old a question is?
    • Ice man
      Yes, I would rather see questions be re-asked in a current tone. Sooo many of the old "Q's" are outdated and not current to the present. Besides ... what's the point of posting a "Q" with 100 answers - that no one else can answer anyway ? Space filler is all they are, so yes by all means ... post questions for the people to answer ...who are here today, not people who are never coming back ...
    • Linda Joy
      But how do we know? I'm just answering questions in the questions list. I do notice right off now if they have 100 answers because your answer is not even posted to the question.
    • Ice man
      To answer your last question - how do you know how old a question is? Look at the "view number" in your browser address box. It will read "". The x's represent the number, compare the number to a "Q" that you know to be current (like one of your own). If the #'s are close then the "Q" is recent. The farther apart... the older the "Q". When you see one that only has 3 or 4 digits - it dates back to the very beginning of time. The "Q" #'s run in sequence.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, thank you!
    • Ice man
      You're very welcome.
  • Yes always and the answers i can relate to as well.
    • Ice man
      Good answer, keep it up. We need more people like you around here.

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