• i dont work out
    • lavender
      Correct. However, that isn't the question.
    • Gloria Williams
      I have just started fitness group classes and I do spend 90 minutes of workout per day.
  • Hej. For warming up it depends what type of training you are doing and the intensity you are going to work at.If you for yourself are pushing yourself,your mind and your body,it would be wise and it is best to stretch,warm up for example Jogging on the spot,Jumping,Them complex stretches such as Neck tilts,Quadracep stretches along with all the muscles your going to work.Also you should then warm up the protagonist,synergist muscle which are the muscles that take over when the main muscle begs to fail,Fatigue or lose strength.An example would be the classic Bicep Curl.It is good that the triceps and the latis Dorsi are ready to take or help with the load. Also with warm ups you should practise the movement of what you are going to be training.This prepares the motion, The angle,The stability of the exercise and it is up to date and you are not lacking the motion by cheating and preparing your form.Great example one arm dumbell push press with or without Leg drive,you should make sure your back,the arch,the leg positioning,the Shoulder up and above is all in great from.This absolutely decreases the risk of injury, it also gives you t Mr to feel and listen to your body,this also is very beneficial on your tendons,ligaments and joints.There are many people that post videos online and the form is bad.Swinging ,Jolting.Slow and medium pace wins the race or works the body properly.If you are very skilled you can train fast. Overall.A warm up can be 10 minutes or 30 minutes.Most important is to feel ready and listen to your body. For Cool Down time would be something from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.Practising only a few quick stretch movements,Shaking off,Breathing should be gradually returning to normal.To answer more direct.Gradual warm up and gradually cool down are the best options.
  • 5-10 minutes for warm up and 3-5 for cool down.
  • It depends on the workout and the person. For a full workout, I usually stretch for 5 minutes, do about 10 minutes of light "aerobics," (stationary bike or elliptical, whichever is available), then do weightlifting (alternating muscle groups by day of the week), then do my cardio for 30 minutes, and then cool down for 5-10 minutes, and finally stretch for 5 minutes.
  • I don't warm up. I do cool down. I do minimum of 20 mins. per day on my s tairstepper.
  • 5 minutes of warming up will heat and loosen my body. Followed by 2 minutes to cool down.

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