• If you check the numbers/facts instead of listening to the lies of the liberal media you'll find the answer: Unemployment down crime down stock markets up, illegal immigration down unemployment down jobs increased average income up, That's just what I can remember off the top of my head! Oh yeah North Korea is no longer threatening to BOMB ANYONE! What exactly are your standards and measurements for a good leader? I mean something that can actually be measured?
    • SaveFarris
      Firstly just let me say that I am not an American citizen. I watch your politics from safely from afar. Those are reasonable things to want and expect from a leader. Employment rates, stocks, and so on. I have not done much research into those numbers. Even still, with all that, does the good out weigh the bad? I am not poisoned by this "liberal media". All of my information comes from the source. Your President speaking. His social media activity. My standards in a leader are not met with what I see. Hate, racisim, sexism, ignorance. How can these important traits be ignored? Even though some numbers are up? Respectfully, that is the part that I cannot understand.
    • Linda Joy
      No one knows how to be POTUS until they do it and they are only allowed two terms so there is always learning involved. As for "Hate, racisim, sexism" I'd need specific examples, as most of what I've seen are distorting of facts and outright lies. Securing borders and vetting immigrants is an increased need due to increased crime perpetrated by the ILLEGAL ones. The hate I keep seeing is directed AT Trump, not by him. Democrats saying his child should be detained with rapists and pedophiles! No, the hate against Trump has gone viral and it's getting worse as his numbers get better and he continues to succeed in his job. Why do people hate that he has improved relations with Russia and North Korea? If it were anyone else everyone would be celebrating! But I can tell by the way you dismissively brushed away all the FACTS that prove he's doing well for our country and provided NO facts of your own that you are making your decision based on feelings and not facts. But please do show me in Trumps words what you claim is true and I'll give you my view of it.
    • SaveFarris
      Easy tiger. I'm not brushing of your facts. I acknowledged them. I think that's great. Upping the employment rate, yay! Illegal immigration down, fantastical! Improving relations with Russia and North Korea. I have opinions about that, but I'm going to keep them to myself . Hurting relations with other allies. Anyhoo, do you have Twitter Linda? Ever had a look at the tweets coming from that beautiful mind? I watched him have tantrums. The man is a bully. Mocking the handicap. Sexist comments. "No one knows how to be POTUS" That's true but an elected con man reality star really has his work cut out for him. Grab 'em by the pussy
    • Linda Joy
      No, I don't have Twitter. And you still have provided no quotes, at least I don't see any quotation marks or links to references. Neither have you listed any measurable statistics you use to measure the success of a political representative. You know, the statistics I mentioned that you supposedly acknowledged. .. statistics most people use to rate a political representative? Mr. Trump was and still is a successful business man as well. Were you aware his company makes a truck that is used to de-ice airplanes? It's used by the military. I have another question for you. Have you EVER said or done ANYTHING wrong? Ever once said something you regret? Maybe exaggerated a fishing story or said you got further with a girlfriend than you did? How would you like for every word you utter to be scrutinized twisted and used against you? How would you like to be hated as he is? You do realize all this collusion done with the Russians was done by democrats and not Trump, right? And that lie about him being racist? I can give you three examples that prove he's not for every one you think you have that he is. And as for being sexist I'll give you that one, but all men are. You show me one man who has never stereotyped a female in all his life and I'll show you a man who is lying through his teeth. And yes, I realise I just made a sexist comment about men. But it's still true!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Linda Joy, from the site you linked: "In the time Donald Trump has been in the White House: The economy added 4.6 million jobs, including nearly half a million in manufacturing. Economic growth quickened, but not as much as Trump promised. The number of regulatory restrictions stopped growing. Carbon dioxide emissions stopped falling, and have increased 1.4 percent under Trump. Illegal border crossings have gone up. Only 22,774 refugees resettled in the U.S. last year ? down 76 percent from 2016. The trade deficit increased 20 percent. The federal debt rose by $1.7 trillion; annual deficits accelerated. After-tax corporate profits soared to the highest on record." Is that considered positive?!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      LJ: You should real the ENTIRE answer before you post. Here are some bullet points you obviously missed: >>>The number of people without health insurance went up — by 200,000 according to a government survey, and by 3.2 million according to a more recent Gallup poll. The U.S. trade deficit that Trump promised to bring down grew instead, getting 11.5 percent larger. The number of people on food stamps, which Trump wants to cut, grew by nearly 3 million. The federal debt rose nearly 3 percent; projected annual deficits worsened. Trump won confirmation for a dozen federal appeals court judges — quadruple the number Obama put on the bench during his first year. The U.S. image abroad took a hit. The number of foreigners telling pollsters they have a favorable view of the USA fell nearly everywhere. The only big gain was in Russia.
  • 100s of reasons.Go to this site and see all the public records they refuse to release since 2014.
    • SaveFarris
      I'm unable to visit that page, it's giving me redirect errors. Regardless, you're trying to show me some facts that will show me these are the things he's doing better than Obama. Fair enough, all that aside though, what about the other stuff? The things I mentioned in my previous comment above. Do those things not bother you? You can stand behind someone who says and thinks such deplorable things?
    • Linda Joy
      What deplorable things? You've never presented any examples!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      LJ, you just want to wear him out by an endless debate. SAVEfarris - don't fall for it. She's goading you. Besides, when you beat them in an argument, they just switch the subject. Its an argument you can never win. They don't play fair.
  • cause they like him, thats why
    • SaveFarris
      I know that darling. Usually people have a reason for liking something or someone. That's what I was curious about.
    • Linda Joy
      No, you're not curious! You just want to bash Trump with no facts or proof of anything!
  • Because I love the anarchy.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      That's why the country is so messed up, people like you.
  • Why what? Sure, he's a jerk sometimes. But right now, that's what we need. Someone to run over the snowflakes and get shit done, which he's doing.
    • SaveFarris
      I don't get the snowflake thing. What is a snowflake? The ones who get offended by everything? I think most are just looking for attention or drama. (I'm assuming, I really don't know the meaning of the snowflake term). The other side of the same coin that Trump fellow is though, isn't he? Dramatic and attention hungry. So you've got your oversensitive snowflakes and your undersensitve shitballs. What you need is a little bit of both. 2020 elect yourselves a snowball. :)
    • Archie Bunker
      You're right. The snowflakes are the ones who are offended by everything. They melt too easy. And I don't think that he's attention hungry, he just doesn't back down like the other politicians do. But, he does need to stay off Twitter.
  • Same question i had for Hillary supporters....and other than being a woman no one could give me an answer....unless you count attacking trump somehow. I voted for him because i didnt want her. And so far....I'm happy that i did.
      That's why I voted for Trump, too. As bad as he was (I am definitely not a Trump fan), I still think he wasn't as bad as Hillary would be (and has been and has proven herself to be).
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      BR: Why would Hillary have been so bad?
  • cause hes a good president
  • Hows Joe Biden going for you? The US has lost all respect from its allies. What has Joe done to make your life better? Do you enjoy Joes pathetic bs story's?
  • When Bush Jr. was president Russia took South Ossetia from Georgia. When Obama was president he sent Secretary of State, Madame Hillary Clinton to hit the reset button with Russia and they promptly took Crimea from the Ukraine. When Trump was president he showed Russia in Syria that his red line is not to be crossed and Russia took no territorial aggression during his presidency. Biden became president and Russia invades Ukraine. Trump ended the Iranian deal which would guaranteed that they would have nukes and killed the terrorist Soleimani and devastated ISIS. The U,S. produced enough energy that it could even export it. The first day in office Biden comes along and kills the Keystone XL pipeline and ended the Trump sanctions put on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Blacks could use more "racist" politicians like Trump as unemployment was the lowest ever and Trump signed the First Step Act instead of talking about "super predators" and "racial jungles" like his supposedly non racist democratic rivals. Instead of selling Americans out Trump brought jobs back to America. Charity is great, but as the Apostle notes charity begins at home (1 Timothy 5:8) America first is not screw all other nations but Trump recognized that as America prospers all other nations prosper with it. Is it bad relations that Trump demanded NATO nations to pay their fair share, or is it bad relations that other nations expected the U.S. to pay everyone's share?
  • I don't know how old this question is, but it was obviously submitted while Trump was still in office - and before everything was exposed. For instance, the incident where Trump was supposed to have mocked the handicapped - I know this incident well, and I can guarantee that what SaveFarris is relating came from the mainstream media - not Trump himself. This was one of the many attacks he had to defend himself from. If you people will peek at the end of the story, you'll find that Trump was attacked by Democrats even before he took his oath of office. They were so upset that Hillary wasn't able to defraud her way into the White House that they never gave Trump a minute's peace the entire four years he was in office - and they continue to attack him more than a year after leaving. You want to compare Trump's performance with any other President? Show me one who could have stood up to that kind of persecution and still did a better job than any President in recent history. Yeah, he was crude in his speech and mannerisms - but we didn't elect a debutant to be President. We elected someone who looked out for the interest of Americans who have been sold out by every Democrat administration since Woodrow Wilson. And he did the job he was elected to do.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      1465: Since when was Trump ever elected to be a weatherman:
    • Army Veteran
      Gee...where would Biden have been during such a crucial time? Perhaps widening the border crossings? Having milk and cookies in Ukraine? You chose the Communist News Network as your source - how fitting. Trump was at least looking out for the welfare of the American people. Did you notice how the two scabs at CNN kept mentioning about lives lost already - trying to suggest that Trump was to blame? Any lives that were lost at that point were due to the natural trajectory of the storm as it followed its projected path. Trump's assessment had nothing to do with that. Instead of trying to nitpick at Trump to find anything you can to condemn him for, why don't you open your eyes and see the trainwreck Biden is causing? That should give you plenty to complain about - if you weren't in such denial.
  • Its simple. Trump supporters believe in astrology, ghosts, and conspiracy theories. They never went to college. Its societies' fault. College is too expensive these days. This is the result.>>> Other people support him because they're just plain mad. >>>Still others support him because of the money that can be made from gullible people like Dr. Oz. Its called Populism. >>>And its not just in the US. Its in Europe too.
    • Army Veteran is too expensive. That's why Biden is forgiving student loans for those "brainiacs" who spent all that time in college but never learned the basic concept of "if you get a student loan, you pay it back". Apparently, you missed the videos of all of those (cough, cough) "geniuses" who had no clue about current events or even where Africa is. Ask them questions about political issues and they'd be like, "I hate Trump. Because.......................(umm)......................................did I tell you I hate Trump?"
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      1465, at least I didn't vote for the same guy who tried to buy a whole country. You can't buy people. its called slavery. lol

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