• Im not married yet, but the day me and my wife get a house, Im definately having a room for my pool table, minibar, intense computer and big screen TV. Dont get in the way of a Man and his Man Room.
  • My office is the closest thing to a man room I have until we finish the basement. I get to pick the details in the office. That's why the furniture does not match.
  • I have one, but I keep it at my bachelor buddy's house.
  • ODG! I knew this one poor guy that was doilied, laced, and pinked to death. Isn't the garage the "man room"? You mean you expect 2 sloppy rooms that mismatch to exist? Demanding lot you guys are. Yes, my SO has a "man room". I cringe as I pass it.
  • The basement is pretty much my domain. My wife has done a great job of decorating the main floor and upstairs. And I have done a great job of making a mess of the basement. No duck pictures though. And the only things that match are computer parts and white boards.
  • Most of my house since I'm not married. But my daughter's bedroom is pink, so I stay out of there:-)
  • What do you mean "Man room"? Are you implying that women want part of the house too?!
  • My husband has one of those. Its called the garage.
  • I had one of those once...when I was still single.
  • i moved into my b/f's house...It's all man room. Pool table, foosball, dart board, ping pong table. Star wars action figures instead of art pieces....ugh. and it's a 2 car garage....I park in the street...know why? Because it's a mess in there but I get to pull up to a larger than life size face of Anikan Skywalker
  • I have a music studio with guitars and amps.
  • My gf decorated the rooms in this house. I was allowed one room. It's filled w/ autographed sports memorabilia and guitars. And of course a PC.
  • My husband has a room like that and I don't want to go in unless I have to clean. The health dept. should shut his room down. He has 2 glasses and a plate I am still waiting to wash since yesterday, his trash can is over flowing and things are everywhere.
  • My husband doesn't have one of those rooms, though we often talk about turning our basement area into a giant train layout room, but it would be for both of us. We don't cut up the house into his and hers. We each like the other's hobbies and interests and since we don't have kids, it's just not a problem or an issue.
  • No, I don't. Though my wife came up with the major 'ideas' for decorating our home, I am no slouch in that department. I actually think I have a pretty good eye! All the rooms are decorated tastefully, but none are blatantly feminine or masculine. There is nowhere in my home where a man or woman would go, 'ewwwwww.' :) Long story short, I feel comfortable everywhere and so does she. Oh, OK! The garage is pretty much mine if I can work around her garden tools. ;) A man has to have a place for his power saw and a place to hang his nail gun, after all! :)
  • my dad has a man cave in the house...instead of ducks its sports baby red sox and (ashamed to say it) patriots stuff like world series tickets and autographed balls and pictures with the flat scream tv its where he spends most of his time...its pretty nice
  • men like pictures of ducks? I was thinkin more like playboy pinups or sports stuff...
  • Hey, Little Bo Peep how's it going? Long time no see. Did you exile your "demon's" here (if you know what I mean?) I'm glad to see you've come back and hope you can stay longer this time. Sorry for not answering your question, just had to say HI! : )
  • I've got "The Cave". In my basement I have a wood burning pellet stove, 50" plasma, pool table,bar, fridge and a ton of sports memorabilia. If I need to pee, I just walk outside by the hot tub. I actually have to go upstairs to poop though. Perhaps life in the cave contributed to my divorce. Oh and I also have a couple of stuffed ducks hanging out and a big ole' stuffed five pound rainbow, deer head etc.
  • Boy do I ever! Mine looks like some sort of military command post! stacks of military Surplus stuff, metal detectors, Ham radio's, 2 computers, stacks of sporting goods and assorted electronics, Batteries, Gold prospecting equiptment, Saddles and assorted horse tack. You can tell it's not a chick room. Even my friends are awed and spend hours just looking over all the toys I have in here.
  • man room is a garage
  • Well, I used to be married, and I actually kept the house and my man room (I call it the cave). It's my basement. Pool table, dart board, Franklin stove, 50" plasma, bar, fridge, walkout to a hot tub, dead fish and animals on the wall, Nieman and Rockwell sports prints, sports memorabilia...oh and beer:)
  • I have a man room with 52 inch screen with computer, surround sound; lazy boy recliner, love seat, Nintendo Wii, PS2, Sports memorabilia, etc. Its a good size room upstairs and when you live in a house with a wife and three daugthers, you need a hideaway!
  • I have been collecting stuff for YEARS for my room, and still don't have one (sniff), someday.

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