• I swear to you, while I don't watch cable news so often I've never seen a difference in Fox or CNN or the rest of them. I do watch the Fox local news, but I've been watching that stations newscast long before Fox came along. Most of my news comes from the radio (ABC affiliate) and local newspaper (Times.)
  • Does ANYbody trust ANY American news source???
  • You watch Fox 'News'? You might as well be watching Al Manar TV.
  • FOX (Austrailian owned and donates heavily to the US Republican party), CNN (Ted Turner is not exactly unbiased), MSNBC (a subsidiary of Microsoft and NBC). I actually browse all three plus the BBC and Al Jahera to get all perspectives and decide for myself.
  • I remember being at a particularly ugly incident on a picket line in 1985. I wasn't involved but I saw a great deal..When I saw the news reports I couldn't believe it...I kept thinking "WHAT? That didn't happen-- I was there!!!" The bottom line is: I have no faith in any of the media.
  • Hell no, I've seen them lie continuously.
  • If you doubt FOX News,some simple research can verify their stories. So far no one contest their reports on Hillary and if FOX out right lies, then Fox can be and would be sued for slander by Hillary. Hillary beliefs very closely aligns with socialism, if this is what you want then by all means for for Hillary.
  • apparently they arent-as hillary will be our next president-i think they shot their wad going so heavily republican and have lost what little crediblity they had with the constant attacks when bill was in office-all i have to say is the country was in much better shape and much more respected in the world when he left then it is today----just my thoughts----smile and enjoy the day--have some points good question
  • Everyone has their biases. The important thing is to look for the facts throughout the biases if you really want to know truth and take all the opposing viewpoints that you are able to into account. It's not about who you can trust, it's about being able think for yourself and come to your conclusions on your own instead of letting other people spoon feed you information that sounds believable.
  • I don't trust any "news" source and one could turn this question around. If they were doing a good job of discrediting Obama or Edwards would you of posted this question in their name?
  • It's better than the Clinton News Network.

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