• Walk around naked holding two pitchers of beer :P LoL :D
  • Hmmmm, if walking round nekkid doesnt get his attention, try putting on a kinky outfit, dress up like something out of his fantasy, and if that doesnt work then he is crazy, you a very beautiful sarasmile and well he would be mad not to jump you lol
  • This is just merely a suggestion but I'd say "name, what can I do to turn you on, I can make your every fantasy come true"
  • I think in my case it would be keeping my clothing on. I had this painful huge pimple on my buttocks and had hubby excise it for me tonight. He took care of a true pain in my ass and that is better than 10,000 compliments.
  • Hmmmmm... hows about wearing something you usually don't wear. I'm not saying something weird or anything, maybe if you don't usually wear dresses, you could try that. I dunno. Hope that helps anyways.
  • SaraSmiles: If your s/o does not say that every day he is crazy. As to the advice - a t-shirt and thong never hurts or a jeans and a t-shirt - always a classic
  • A smile is all it would take. Though you are very pretty I would not ask to see you naked.
  • wow-i think i will let my s/o answer this one she is good at it----- Laz's Mouse here-hi-hmmm, well, effective as nekkie is, teasing is even more fun! Try wearing only a very thin cotton T-shirt long enough to cover your tushie (men's underwear t's are great) with a thong or other skimpy panties; get him in the kitchen with you and then do a lot of stretching on tiptoe to reach those high-up cabinets and lots of bending over to get to the lower ones. Washing dishes together by hand instead of using the dishwasher can be interesting...matter of fact, shoulders and back muscles need lots of stretching of their own; perhaps you might pick up a beginning yoga video and practice in the evenings while he is doing whatever it is he does to unwind. Bet he'd like a shoulder rub on occasion-you can stand reeeaaally close to do that, get the picture? Oh-caught a program on FitTV a few days ago featuring a pair of twins who teach belly dance, the program is called Shimmy and from what I saw they are pretty good; you might check them out if available in your area. The main thing to keep in mind is that your posture and the way you move around as you are doing ordinary everyday stuff is what will get him to watch you instead of the tube or nintendo or whatever (think ballerina). Don't make a big deal of it, just quietly and gracefully go on about your business and see what happens-p&l
  • my mother always told me if you want to get a man's attention, ignore him. maybe you are trying too hard and making yourself so available or dressing so sexy all the time that what should be special is just ho-hum every-day stuff. i liked the idea of wearing the dress if you seldom wear dresses. try a different way of dressing attractively than you ordinarily do and then some great lingerie underneath.
  • you shouldn't have to really... he should tell you that on the REGULAR.
  • While dating, both sexes take time to look their best, act their best, or at least attempt to diminish the "ugly", be it personality, looks, attitude, impatience, etc. After marrying and/or living together, the guards go down. Since this is directed at men, I would caution you to not get too comfortable or lax on keeping yourself attractive. Makeup does wonders. Shallow, I know, but true - we men are pigs. Also, find things to to without him, and stay busy. You will most likely find new hobbies, friends and excitement, which is no harm to a relationship at ALL! In turn, he will appreciate time together that much more. If he becomes possessive, move on. If he pouts about not getting to spend time with you, mission accomplishe, I assure you! Sorry so long...;-)
  • If you want his attention the do something he likes to do and don't make him talk too much. Just be with him while he does it. Let him guide the conversation. Believe me, he will appreciate that more than all the sexy clothes in the world. And for Pete's sake, don't look bored.
  • I don't have that problem lady only has to walk into the room ..thats gets my attention everytime as the rooms lights up when she does
  • It depends on if you want to be gazed at from a distance, separate from each other, or intimate and appreciative of each other, up close. If someone prances around teasing me with skimpy clothes, I know that there's no point in being with them. They seem to be using and manipulating me like a toy. But when a woman has a conversation with me, gives some attention, ask questions, and shows interest in me as a person, then I get really excited to know them better too, and be with them. They look great. People who want to know each other always look incredible to me! It's not how a woman dresses or acts, but the way they are honestly available and genuine that drives me wild!
  • I assume you two are living together. If that is the case your not experiencing anything different than the rest of us have already. When we get used to a routine we tend to start letting the little things slip, like opening the door for you, the kiss good bye and hello, and of course the honey you look beautiful tonight. Its not that they don't think it, it's more like they just skip the dialogue because it has become routine. They assume you know they think it without them actually saying it. At one point or another its bound to happen. I think the best way to keep his attention on you is to not allow that dialogue to become absent. Right now you may get the honey I'm home, a kiss on lips, a baby I missed you and you look awesome, and lets cook some dinner together. The next thing you know it may be the door opening him grabbing a beer, plopping on the couch and him saying whats for dinner. Women do it also but its a matter you have to evaluate with your S/O. Let him know how you feel. Its not your rut its probably his.
  • Sometimes the "distance" a couple may come to when moving in is healthy also. Think about it before you moved in. You were probably all over each other. At the same time you each had your free time and as relationships press on that free time becomes less and less. When you move in with each other it almost completly goes away. Its hard to manage but eventually you will have to learn to give your self and your S/O the free time you each need. Sometimes that can be you both just on each others lap tops in the same room not talking to each other. But remember the healthiest free time is real free time by yourself.
  • when my woman gets ready for work...she dresses like Miss America every day...and puts on turn-on....
  • Get a tatoo on your breast. Hey are those real by the way?
  • Get some pornos that have a lot of ugly girls in them. Watch them with him. He is guaranteed to go, "Wow you look great today".
  • Wear something that's a totally different style to what you'd normally wear.
  • 1. Wear a top that shows off your shoulders. 2. Wear a nice necklace to accentuate your neckline. 3. Wear your hair up. If that doesn't work, I'm afraid your boyfriend is dead.
  • To get a guys attention just blow him random kisses every now and then...i dunno why it works but it seems to do well Although to be honest everybody is different and different things work on different people (my girlfriend pinches me to get my attention!!)By reading these previous comments you guys seem to get on very well anyway and i'm sure you wont get in a rut!!
  • Get out of the rut. Be in a good mood. For me it's not about the hair, clothes or makeup, although I think she thinks that. Just having an upbeat attitude is very attractive. You also might try getting pregnant for that special "glow". Just kidding, I've never noticed a glow on aytone I knew that was pregnant:)
  • Differnt hairstyle Different hair colour Wearing a dress One word Bikini (one peice or 2) Mini skirt Low cut top Pencil Skirt(business women with glasses) Nurces unifrom Wearing nothing but one of his tshirts

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