• Definitely. I read The Group when I was 14, way too young to understand it, and it totally confused my ideas about male-female relationships and roles for years. However, I also read Siddhartha, again, too young. It gave me a sense of the limitless possibilities of life. Reading Fritz Perls's Ego, Hunger and Aggression set me on the path to becoming a therapist.
  • Yeah, look at how many people the Bible has changed.
  • No doubt about it! But the intensity of the impact will depend on your age at the time of the reading.
  • Most certainly! As JRC said, look at the Bible! And even other books, like educational books. That's partially the reason people go to school--and the only reason they know all of the information they know is because of books.
  • Yes, if it's the right book it can make you a better person. If it's the wrong book it can make a whole nation follow a tyrant.
  • Yes, I've read books that changed mine.
  • Yes. Read "The Road Less Traveled" by Scott Peck. It changed my thinking about self discipline forevever.
  • depends on what book youre reading

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