• i believe it was WW1 with all the trenches and poison gas
  • last year when my ex and I broke up...I call it that war of '07. Many lives and one testicle were lost...but eventually I prevailed.
  • Although World War One had the most deaths, a large amount were attributed to the Spanish flu which was spread thanks to the war conditions. World War Two had more deaths thanks to actual fighting. But, the Mongol invasion of Asia and Europe was the most significant. Killing over sixty million people...though about sixty-two million died in World War Two, it was much more significant hundreds of years ago.
  • I believe more soldiers died in the Civil War than any other and that's if you're talking about an american war.
  • there is a difference between being the bloodiest and being the one with the most casualties. the most casualties undoubtedly goes to WW2 where about 60 million people died. the bloodiest however would no doubt date back to the times before guns were used. although early guns were used, about 36.4 million north and Mesoamerican Indians died when Spain landed in the Americas during the 1400s and 1500s. so thats a good candidate
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      The vast majority of those indigenous to the Americas, died from diseases which they had no immunity to.
  • Actually, The worst war due to fihgting was the Chinese civil war. You see, most casualties from ww2 were civilian casualties. So yes, If you mean fighting and not genecide, then the chinese civil war is the answer
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      From 1927 to 1950, estimates of total deaths, military and civilian, are about 17.5 million. The military deaths of WW2 sits at about 25 million.,
  • The war that never ends, the fight that pits man against man millennium after millennium. Power and money, the maniacs who seek it causing a never ending path of human remains in it's wake.
  • World War 2 had the most casualties. Estimates of about 80 million include those who died as a direct result of combat (military and civilian) and those who died of war related disease and famine.
  • any war is bloody

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